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  • Jim Carey

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    Stop HR875/S425 US Congress' attempt to Illegalize Organic Farming!

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    Jen Jones at 8:18am July 12

    fantastic cause, Jim. I am also concerned about herbs in Canada being made "illegal" like KavaKava, and now others. I think if there is a contraindication, and not dangerous, they should be ok.what natural plants are next illegal, the dandelion?

    Jim Carey

    Jim Carey at 8:58am July 12

    Under proposed WHO treaty regulations, it'll be illegal to grow, possess or recommend any food for health reasons.

    If I say "eat a banana because it tastes good," that'll be legal. But if I say "grow and eat bananas because they're healthy for you" I'll be charged with practicing medicine without a license, and a prescription will be required to purchase bananas for "health reasons."

    weird? radical? yes. True? yes.

    Valerie McKen

    Valerie McKen at 9:29am July 12

    What??? You must be kidding? Unbelievable...

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