Christmas Raw Chocolate Talk

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Emma Mihill’s

Raw Christmas Chocolate Talk

Indulge over Christmas without any guilt or bad feelings.

Learn what makes raw chocolate the perfect healthful treat for the festive season

Learn how to make a very delicious Christmas Chocolate Log


How to make your own raw chocolate

Q&A session

Free Goodie Bag

Kids welcome

“The secret to my chocolate is the ingredients. Anyone can make chocolate, but not everyone uses premium quality, un-heated, natural cacao beans, that actually benefit your health. Conventional chocolate normally contains a tiny amount of poor quality cacao that is drowned in sugar, dairy and preservatives that actually don’t really taste anything like chocolate. Why would you want that?! You’ll find that the ingredients I use not only enhance the flavour of the cacao, but each one has its own health giving properties plus a little pizzazz from the music I listen to whilst creating my chocolate!†Emma.

Emma Mihill makes raw chocolates exclusively for Snowsfields Wellness

Wednesday December 16th


Snowsfields Wellness

41 Snowsfields SE1 3SU



£7 per person (seats limited so book soon)

To book please phone 0207 407 9910 or email shop[@]

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