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Hey I have been a vegetarian for only about 3 months now, but a friend of mine told me about raw foodism and I started researching it and it looks like a really good Idea. But I need some help. What are some really easy and cheap meals? I figured I would start most days off with a smoothie and an apple. What are some good lunch and dinner ideas? And I have a budget of about 50 bucks for food each week, any ideas on how to make that last? thanks so much



  • not easy

    I know that from experience.

    I have vegetables in my smoothies and I have found avocado and squash to fit with fruits and being a bit cheaper. I aso think of eating cheap but very healthy stuff like cabbage. Like in a salat replacing the salat. It's cheaper and makes you more full.

    I also don't buy anything processed. Is that cheaper. Yes, when it comes to raw food it is, but I really struggle with the raw chocolate bars wich I love......*sigh*

    I make myself some home made pesto replasing cheese with coconut milk and eat it with different raw vegetables. I don't know if the cocoa nut milk is really raw but I am new to this and I can't check on everything all the time as that will make me feel bad and want to give up. I am sure I will do better sfter I've been doing this for a while and focus on what I actually do right.-)

    good luck to you!

  • Buy in bulk. the local market I go to has, like, 20 mangoes for 8 dollars. cha-ching! use cost-co to the MAX! (if you're not strict on organic stuff). Soups and salads are good, because you only need a little bit of spices to really make the dishes. By salad I also mean, like, a gumbo of different veggies (not pureéd). I use a lot of frozen fruit to make smoothies and whatnot. Not really so much veggies. Those are best fresh.

    Buy what's in season, as that's usually what's cheapest (and most local)

    Good luck!

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