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Please join us at our Live Raw Food and Juice Feasting Center in Puerto Rico located in the foothills of El Yunque Rainforest. We specialize in helping people with Natural Weight/Waste Loss, Chronic Health Conditions, Stress Release, and Island Rejuvenation. Take control of your life! Heal in Paradise!

Join us for a 4 day through 3 month wellness retreat.

Submerge your food addictions in the Caribbean Sea.

Reclaim the body you desire.

Quench your life with healthier eating and lifestyle habits.


Raw Food Retreats Are the Best Type of Holiday to Find Yourself

While taking a break can seem to nourish the soul, often this type of 'personal space' is eroded by others that we share our breaks and holidays with. A raw food retreat provides the space to change our diet to promote real communication with ourselves, and the removal of ourselves from the constraints of everyday life. These combine powerfully, with yoga and massage, to create a deep and meaningful time for personal growth and change.

It can be incredibly difficult to make room in everyday life to make the space and time to sit down, without distraction, and center ones-self on you and your life path. The daily duties of modern adult life quite often fill more than a day, every day, leaving no space or time just an ever increasing list of things to do just to catch up with the day to day necessities.

We would need to step outside of our routines and appointments. To leave behind the clamor for our input into other peoples routines and expectations. To arrange for the important people in our lives to take care of themselves, for a change. To try and arrange this miracle from within our everyday lives would take a very strong willed and focused person, exactly the attributes that we are looking for in the first place. Even if this feat were arranged, to be able to devote time to one’s self, actually within the family home and routine would inevitably allow interruptions and distractions to split our attention and water down your 'you' time.

Perhaps we have the idea that when we take our yearly holiday with family or friends that we can gain some quiet and a mental peace within which to explore our desires and dreams. It is a nice idea but when the monumental coordination of people and resources has taken place, we arrive at our destination only to find that the same routine and relationships have followed us, albeit to a new location.

It will take a completely different approach to create the space you need for this introspection and personal development. Stepping outside of normal life is quite often the only solution. A complete break from your everyday reality. To remove yourself to a place that allows for there to be no chores, for daily times to be scheduled for, if you choose, you to do nothing else except ponder your dreams, desires and self. To book a place on one of the many raw food retreats is one such way of making the break with everyday life. Once there to open yourself to new ideas, people and opportunities that are 100% about you and your journey. This gives you the opportunity to examine what it is that is really important to you and how you might go about attracting it into your life.

Raw food retreats are places of limitless human potential. The access to a raw food diet, that someone else has lovingly prepared for you. To watch its preparation before tucking into to its vibrant energy for breakfast, lunch or dinner reminds you that food is the source of our daily energy and ability to regenerate, heal and cope with the stresses and strains of life.

A predominantly or full raw food diet will move you into a raw food detox. This period is the time within which a profound change can happen. The sheer energy and enzymatic power of raw food can and does produce incredible healing and regeneration, both on the physical and emotional levels. This time of potential change is one which you can use to wander through your desires and dreams. The thoughts and inspirations that occur will form the basis of a plan of action to kick start changes in everyday life.

Presenting yourself with this gift of time, for you, and the space to enjoy it, is the most incredible gift you can give to yourself. The transcendence of normal everyday patterns and limits is a rarity that does not very often come without effort. The realisation that things can and will change is exciting, who knows where it will lead and that is the point, only by making the space and following the glimpses gained within it will we ever find out.

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