Vegan Vitamin D3 Spray

edited December 2013 in Health & Beauty

Hey everyone, alot in the raw/vegan community have been asking when this product would be instock, well it is finally here.

This is the first 100% vegan and active vitamin D3 supplement on the market derived from plant foods.

Vitamin D deficiency has been found to be implicated in so many diseases such as auto-immune disease, heart/cardiovascular disease, weak immune system, bone disorders and so on. Raw vegan diets don't provide a dietary source of vitamin D so it is important to get adequate sunshine which allows the body to manufacture vitamin D. This is a problem for many though as in the UK etc sunlight is very poor and come the colder months the sunlight isn't strong enough to stimulate the reaction required in the body to manufacture vitamin D.

This is why numerous studies have shown around 3/4s of the UK is low or deficient in vitamin D especially around the winter months.

Anyway we have got the vegan vitamin D3 spray in stock and thought we would update those who asked, click the link here if interested - Vitashine Vitamin D3 Spray Vegan


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