ISAGENIX the revolution of nutritional cleansing!!!

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Hello healthy People,

I was recently presented to this amazing opportunity and I 'm excited to share with you!

Let me tell you a bit about me first. I have been with gone raw for over a 3 years now and I love it.

I'm 30 years old guy who constantly looking to improve my health! How I found this amazing forum with amazing recipes and amazing people!!!

Just 5 years ago I was clueless about what SAD diet and environment can do to you. I had pretty bad eating habits, I was using drugs (party) for a little bit, alcohol, cigarettes etc. I was also pretty sick child and back home (eastern europe) antibiotics were like candies. You catch a little cold and drugs right way. All this I guess damaged my liver and my system in general. At the age of 25 I developed a severe acne out of no where. Started looking for solutions. At first I looked for help at the conventional medicine. I tried more antibiotics. I went through blue lights and special peeling procedures, lotions, creams. Nothing worked. Then I started looking at the alternative methods. I tried herbs(pill form) from the store, greens, blue alges, pretty much everything. acupressure,oil pulling, dry brushing,then days fast etc. To be honest my skin improved a little but the minute I started eating heavy food ( heat food) potatoes, processed sugar, breads the skin worsen again. The last thing I came across was the raw food life style. i decided to do it on 100% and no compromizing. I stayed on it for 8 moths. Guess what??? This was the most amazing experience in my life.

Not only my acne disappear but my overall health improved also. I swear by raw food now. I'm no longer on raw although I try to eat at least 40% of my intake vegan raw. It is very hard to stay on it. I'm 100% free of acne now and I want to stay that way for life. because raw takes a lot of effort and time to prep I started searching for a product or a solution of some sort to be as close as far as health as possible when I was on raw food.

I came across of this company ISAGENIX. amazing products. This is the closest feeling I have ever experienced to the raw food feeling. Only those who have done 100% raw would understand what I'm saying. Anyway! I singed up with the product as a consumer to get discounts or I should say to get on wholesale price. I was taking it for a close to 6 moths and ... I feel amazing,amazing I dont know how to describe it. Since I'n the product already taking it I decide it to take advantage of their compensation plan so I can at least pay for what I use. I signed up recently as an associate and I love the product even more! here is my independent associate webpage if you would like to order and try it or simply ask me questions please conatct me at: I'm always willing to help. I know the product hellped a lot of people and it is going to continue to do so. Do your own research on it and you will see.

Thank you,

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