Embarking on this journey....

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My husband has just been diagnosed with chondrosarcoma….a malignant growth in his trachea. The doctors want to perform a total laryngectomy…removing voice box, thyroid gland and he would permanently have to breathe through a hole in the base of his neck. So we have ‘goneraw’ to see if we can’t change this picture. We will reassess in 3 months. The recipes I’ve used from here have all been pretty good and I am in process of finding about ten that we really enjoy so that we have them to fall back on as we continue to experiment. We bought a Green Star juicer, have a Vitamix as well as a Excalibur dehydrator. So, what we don’t have, is any excuse!!! :)

For the past couple of years I’ve been playing with PH diets and now with this diagnosis, I know why I was being lead in that direction. I am supremely optimistic and we are juicing, juicing, juicing and chewing, chewing, chewing!! No meat, no dairy…well, you know the drill! ;)

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