site looks funky

edited December 2010 in Gone Raw

what’s happened? its completely blank on the right hand side.


  • That might just be you, babe.

  • I can reassure you, stylistchick. Happened to me this morning when I logged in. All the text and pix were on the left (and one of the recipe pictures was HUGE…) and there was just white space on the right. Just a glitch hopefully. Everything seems fine now.

  • weird, i dunno, it still looks this way, hmmm.

  • Hello: So, the durian nirvana cheesecake recipe likely looks odd as there is some HTML added in there by the author to show the second picture. I wonder if this made the home page look odd as well when it was one of the most recent recipes?

    stylistchick: Are you seeing issues on all pages or perhaps just that one now? If the issue is everywhere, what browser are you using?


  • Everything looks okay right now, but last night, the Durian Nirvana Cheesecake filled up almost the entire page. It definitely got my attention :-)

  • back to normal now:)

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