Hello to all

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Hi – I’m Kaye – I live in Edinburgh, Scotland in the UK – and have been visiting this site most days since I transitioned to raw food a few weeks ago (having been veggie) for 15 years. I love the site – I’ve found so many answers on previous posts to questions I’ve had… So a massive thank you to you all for sharing your questions and solutions.. Thanks too to the creators – really appreciate what you’re doing – very grateful indeed. I do have a question.. regarding my health, actually, but I’ll post it in the other area… Looking forward to speaking to some of you soon! Love, Kaye


  • Hi Kaye,welcome!

  • Hi Kaye

    I’m new here. I live in Aberdeen. It’s good to know that there is someone not so far away from here :) I thought I’ll never find anyone in Scotland and here we go…

    Hugs, Jana

  • me and Chris and Purely Raw are in the North West UK…not too far from Scotland!

    Check us out:


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