Recipe Directions

1. Sprout quinoa, which takes about 2 days. Put in a large bowl.

2. Add chopped walnuts, raisins and chopped apricots.

3. Process apples, dates (save soak water), agave, cinnamon, and vanilla bean. Use date water to make mixture a creamy texture.

4. Add processed ingredients to bowl of quinoa and mix well.

5. Serve in pie pan or individual bowls.

Naturalkandy's Thoughts

By naturalkandy

This is a wonderful dessert. Like an apple pie.

You could throw a crust under it if you want. I enjoyed it without.

Perfect holiday or potluck dish!

Easily made without the added nuts.

Just so versatile, simple, and delicious. Close your eyes and savor the flavor!

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This sounds great. I can't wait to try it. Can you explain how to sprout the Quinoa? Is it similar to sprouting other seeds, I only have experience with Garbanzo's....

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