Recipe Directions

1.soak apricots and dates in water about 1 hour or till soft, and drain.
2.using small processor bowl or bullet,process till smooth. large processor bowl,pulse macadamia nuts,coconut,spices,and buckwheat,about 12 times till ground.
4.add 1/2 cup jam(reserve the rest) and agave until dough forms.
5.roll into 1”balls.
6.roll balls in coconut or chopped nuts. onto parchment on mesh dehydrator sheets.
8.flatten slightly and make a indentation in each center.
9.fill with reserved apricot jam.(overfill since jam will shrink,smooth with wet finger if you don’t want those “tips” i got!)
10.dehydrate at 115 degrees approx 12 hours or as desired.
note: any fruit(omit water if using fresh fruit) and nut combo may be used in this. my goji jam would work too….
quick directions for buckwheat:soak groats 20 min to 1 hour,drain and rinse,place in jar or sprout bag,rinse/drain every 4-8 hours for 1 day, (they should have a tiny tail),dehydrate 115 degrees for 8 hours.may be ground for flour.
check out sproutpeople for more details on sprouting:)

Evergreen's Thoughts

very much like the baked version!

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Yum, I love apricots.

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These look and sound delicious! Will have to try them soon.

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