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It is a very simple recipe you slice Hawiian Pineapple and place on a plate you then on another plate sprinkle organic cinnamon and pour my Real Raw Agave on it and mix then put the sliced pineapple on top marinating and coating both sides then stick on teflex sheet and dehydrate for 3 to 4 hours(or longer). Then put on plate(or in a coconut shell bowl) and get your coconut sorbet scoop on with mint and serve! Looks and tastes BAKED nice and hot warm RAW GOURMET FOODS YUM! Of course you don't have to dehydrate it but when you do, it gives it a totally BAKED LOOK AND TASTE WITH GLAZE people love it. You can also blend some dates with the agave/cinnamon if you want it to be really like "Brown sugar glaze" but it is really not needed as the mix of Real RAW Agave and Cinnamon is pretty brown and sweet already.
To make Coconut Sorbet is 1/2 cup water, 1 cup coconut flesh, 4 to 5 tablespoons of Real Raw Agave, blend really well in a blender then put in freezer for 4 to 5 hours, scoop and serve, so good!!! If you want it to be sweeter put more agave...and you can taste those Hawaiian Tropical Breezes....nice!
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Raw Organic Chef Bryan Au

Rawbryan's Thoughts

I have a friend in Hawaii that sends me fresh raw organic coconuts and they are the best in the world he only charges $20 for 4 to 5 coconuts and he can ship to anywhere in the USA from Hawaii! He is a raw foodist and really into promoting raw so if you are interested in getting your own box of fresh really raw organic coconuts straight from Hawaii to you e-mail me at it is the BEST COCONUTS EVER!!! I used them in this recipe to make the coconut sorbet and the coconut "bowl" you can keep the shell and it makes the perfect bowl to serve food, soups, salads, desserts and is all naturalware! Now of course you do not have to dehydrate the pineapple but some people and cooked foodists like the "baked taste" of certain foods well with this recipe you get that "baked taste, glaze, look and flavor it comes out hot and warm and nice!".

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There is no way to make agave syrup raw. It has to be boiled, and thus it's a dead food. Don't let anyone con you into thinking that just because it's boiled at a lower temperature (using a higher pressure, like a pressure cooker) it's somehow not cooked. Agave is cooked. Just like maple syrup. And the sugars are definitely changed by the heat.
I still eat the stuff, though. ;-)

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I felt I should point out that Bryan's agave nectar is NOT "the ONLY real raw agave out there". Madhava also makes a RAW agave nectar. In the FAQ at, it says:
"At what temperatures is it produced?
Our agave is heated to approximately 140 degrees F in its production during the water evaporation process. Our Raw agave however is produced at low temperatures not exceeding 113 F, with extended time and a vacuum to evaporate the excess water."
Note that they do have an agave nectar which IS heated to 140 degrees, but their RAW agave isn't heated above 113 F. Their RAW agave nectar is clearly labeled as such on the bottle.
It seems the recipe section here is now frequently being used to promote and sell various products. I don't think this should be done by making false claims, and felt obliged to correct Bryan's statement that his is the only raw agave out there. Sorry Bryan. I'm sure we all do appreciate your recipes, however.

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