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Grate the beetroot and let it sit for 20 min with the lime juice, apple cider, honey, garlic and salt. After the 20 min or more wait add the chopped oranges and grapes, squeezing in one half of the orange for juice. Mix well and devour!

Kerrycv's Thoughts

By Kerrycv

Ready in a heartbeet! hur hur… well…not really – about 20 min. The beautiful hot-pink pops of color are achieved by leaving a good part of the white pith on the orange – it soaks up the pink! The pith is very high in vitamin C, and also helps stimulate white blood cells – great for anyone who bleeds easliy. The garlic may sound a little strange but it gives it a spicy kick. I’d like to hear if anyone else enjoys this as much as I did. Thanks!

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This looks so good! I can't wait to try it. :)

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