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Mix everything together except the blueberries (well you can if you want to) =). I did this by hand but a food processor is good to use too. Roll into balls with the blueberries and roll in coconut. Pecans would also be good in these. Enjoy!

I had to use some water because my ingredients were pretty dry but you may use less if your almond meal is moist from making almond milk. It’s a good idea to have some nut milk around when you eat these!

Roll in coconut or more almond meal.These actually look cuter if you make them into little bear heads with chocolate chip eyes, nose, and mouth.

Fenugreek has the maple taste so if you don’t use it, use maple syrup. Fenugreek is one of the oldest recorded medicinal herbs, highly esteemed by both east and west, and has been regarded as a treatment for just about every ailment known to man. Fenugreek has a beneficial action on cleansing the blood.

This would be great with walnut, pecan or hazelnut meal as well. Try this one on the relatives!

Writeeternity's Thoughts

By writeeternity

A different spin on the donut hole recipe on this site. This recipe also utilizes fenugreek that has lots of medicinal properties. I saw it for sale in the spice section ground up so I tried it. It really makes these taste like blueberry pancakes.

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wow writeternity...very creative with the fennugreek! Im curious to try and see what that does for the flavor. and Im always a fan of including super herbs and in the sweet stuff.

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