Recipe Directions

• Prepare the cacao butter by melting it gently in a bowl placed over a pan of simmering water.
• Chop the almonds into small pieces.
• Split the cardamom pods and remove the seeds. Crush them into a fine powder with the mortar and pestle.
• Put the chopped almonds, cardamom powder, soaked raisins (and any residual lemon juice), orange peel, lime peel and carob into a bowl. Mix well until everything is carob-coated.
• Pour the melted cacao butter and orange juice over the dry ingredients and mix really well so everything is coated with cacao butter and all the carob is worked in.
• Divide mixture between 12 small muffin cases or paper fairy cake cases.
• Optional – lick the bowl!
• Refrigerate pies for at least 4 hours before you enjoy.

Pathlesstrodden's Thoughts

These are a heavenly treat – a raw vegan version of mince pies that’s chocolaty too. Great for Christmas or any time of year!
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The peel was zested from fresh fruits using a zester - try not to get the pith in too as it's bitter. If you use caco you'll need to make it sweeter - add some dates.

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These look lovely, although I'll have to use cacao powder instead of carob which may be more bitter. When you say peel is that dried, fresh zest, pith, whole fresh skin in small chunks?

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