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  • I’m not going to go into the recipe for the “cheese” here. If you have a preferred recipe, feel free to use that. I’ll post my favourite soon. :)

Cut up the tomato and cucumber. Place tomato, cucumber, garlic cloves, and chives into the food processor, and pulse for a few seconds. The salsa will look creamy right away, but I personally prefer it to retain some chunkiness. If you want a smoother texture, keep going with the food processor.

Drain the excess liquid. There may be quite a bit, and if you want a more moist dish, don’t drain all of it. (Personal preference: get rid of as much water as possible).

Add in the ricotta cheese (the kind I make is chunky and dry; I like the crumbliness with this dish) and mix it about.

Pour salsa over the leaves. They can be used as garnish, or to roll the whole thing up as a burrito.

Tusik's Thoughts

By tusik

A mainly tomato and garlic taste; very quick and easy to make and can be used as a side, a salsa, wrap filling, or a meal on its own.

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I haven't tried anything like this yet but it sounds good. Sounds very refreshing!

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