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ingredients: nori(seaweed sushi wraps) wild rice1 large cucumber 1 small onion a half of head cauliflower 1 cup almonds lemon juice seasonings: basil,sea salt,cumin,Italian seasoning.Whatever pleases you. veggies


cucumber sauce: place 1 cut cucumber in food processor with sea salt,lemon juice and seasoning with a bit of sugar.

the middle portion on the nori plate is a zucchini and tomato sauce dish.

if you are going to use rice all though not raw go ahead and make the wild rice and let set.Or make miso,set aside. take your calliflower and place in food processer with seasonins and lemon juice. Set adise food process your almonds to make a paste with lemon juice season to taste set your nori out and place rice on botom,layer with almond paste,calliflower and cucumber sauce. you can add sprouts or whatever veggies you like. use a sushi bamboo roll to roll up your nori .this is optional to warm but if you would like,place in oven on lowest heat,heat until warm and serve ;) *remember you can use anything in these wraps. be creative :)

Zucchini Pasta as a Side to make zucchini pasta cut your zucchini and season in a bowl add tomato sauce or homemade tomato sauce with tomatoes basil sea salt and seasonings. heat and serve!

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Nori Rolls and Zucchini Pasta

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