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1. remove all rings from your fingers before handling mushrooms and always keep metal away from kombucha mushrooms

2. obtain a "baby" kombucha mushroom from someone who grows them or order one from your health food store

3. combine water and tea in a glass container and place in the sun for a day to brew

4. strain out the tea grounds and put tea into a glass gallon jar with a relatively large mouth so the kombucha mushroom can be removed easily when finished (the mushroom will grow to the size of the container it's placed in

5. add sucanat to tea and stir well

6. add "baby" mushrooom

7. place a cotton cloth over the entire jar and secure with a rubber band. leave for 6-7 days

8. remember to remove your rings and remove the mushroom and the new "baby" mushroom that will have grown underneath it. carefully separate the original mushroom from the new one. every 3rd batch can be made with 1 cup of raw honey alone. this makes the most delicate champagne-like brew! simply make this batch with water and honey only, the mushroom must have been used to make the first 2 batches consecutively for it to be used this way.

9. store in refrigerator, covered

adding 10-15 raisins to your kombucha sweetens it pleasantly. start a new batch with one mushroom and gift your new "baby" to a friend. both the "mother" and the "baby" will continue to produce batches of tea. each new batch will produce a new "baby" to gift away and make more batches. they store well in the refrigerator while you find new homes for them :)

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