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make zucchini noodles – i use a spiralizer.

use pulp from tomato fusion juice – – which is basically just tomatoes, carrots and celery.

put in food processor with rest of ingredients. blend up and spoon over pasta.

note: i love garlic, so modify as you feel necessary. also, i was trying to keep this very low-fat, so i didn’t add a lot of olive oil. you can see that my sauce is pretty chunky, but you could add more olive oil and it would probably be a smoother sauce.

Maihio's Thoughts

By maihio

i was coming up with recipes for my left over pulp from juicing, and i thought that my tomato fusion juice pulp would make a great fresh pasta sauce. 5015-Tomato-Fusion-Juice

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very clever! I can have the juice in the a.m. and the pulp at lunch! yay for no waste!

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