Recipe Directions


1. Process the carrots and cabbage in the food processor until chopped and/or shredded.

2. Peel the zucchini into strands and set aside core/seeds for future use.

3. Chop herbs and add.

4. Blend dressing ingredients, dress and enjoy!

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Brittanybullen's Thoughts

By brittanybullen

You could make this with any kind of sauce you like. This sauce is "Thai" because it contains a lot of classic Thai flavors, but you could modify it to taste however you want!

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bugchick's Review

Thai Coleslaw
4 out of 5

Pretty tasty stuff. I accidentally put a half a bunch of parsley in before I realized it wasn't cilantro, but it was good with it in there. I also had no peanuts so just did without them. This will be a regular for me!

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