Recipe Directions

1. You can skip the chia gel and just mix chia and water in blender, but it's always better to soak your chia. I used about 3 tablespoons chia and 3/4 cup water, letting it sit out all night.

2. Blend soaked chia and use as is, or refrigerate until ready to use (this can be added to smoothies).

3. In the blender, mix 1 cup nuts (mixed almonds and walnuts) that were previously soaked and dehydrated with chia gel.

4. Add cacao powder, pinch of sea salt, cacao nibs, 2 drops Morello cherry extract, 2 drops dark chocolate extract, and maple syrup or your favorite liquid sweetener. Blend until creamy, adding water or almond milk to thin as needed.

5. Pour into goblets. Refrigerate for several hours and garnish with cacao nibs or chopped walnuts.

Barbarads's Thoughts

By barbarads

Rich, creamy, and delicious.

Instead of using cashews for the base, I added a combo of almonds and walnuts.

Combined with Morello cherry extract, this created a deep, rich, satisfying flavor.

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