Recipe Directions

Gosh there’s alot here, but it takes all of 5 or 10 minutes, I promise!

Cut the carrot in two and cut the broccoli and cabbage down to size for your food processer, peel/pare the broccoli stalk (it’s edible). *In food processor, Shred broccoli. (yes, SHRED it or its flavor will not blend palatably with the other ingredients). *In food processor, Chop cabbage (down to about 1-2” pieces). *In food processor, Slice carrots. *Remove all and mix together in serving bowl.

DRESS with “Hot Pink Raspberry Vinaigrette” (as photographed) or with my favorite, AWESOME little blend I whip up on weeknights (I highly recommend this one if you are serving guests since it’s a little more generic):

juice of 2 lemons *1 tbsp raw agave *2 tablespoons oil (safflower and sunflower preferred, or olive etc) *1 tsp apple cider vinegar *water down to taste ( I add about 1-3 ounces of purified water)


-Having new/non raw-foodist guests?: It makes sense to lightly steam the broccoli 3-5 min and chop it (you don’t want to shred this) in since raw broccoli in this quanitity is not relaxing to the cooked-food stomach.

Portion Warning: This salad fills like a main dish, not like an appetizer, so take this into consideration when preparing a dinner. Don’t let size fool you, or you’ll watch other foods go to waste. How do I know this? Don’t ask.

Warning: Don’t let the wary in your kitchen when you’re preparing this. The sulphurous smell of shredding broccoli will turn them off for sure and good luck with getting them hooked after that.

FlyingPen's Thoughts

By FlyingPen

You won’t believe the taste with these 3 humble ingredients blending for a hearty bite and bright myriad of color. Don’t just this book by its cover!

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