Recipe Directions

  • 1. To make the crust, place coconut and cashews in food processor. Process until flour-like.
  • 2. Add the dates to the food processor mixture. Process again for 3 minutes. (It will seem like the mixture is too dry and you will want to add liquid. DON'T DO IT! Just keep processing. Eventually it will start to cling together and get oily-ish!). Stop processing once it will stick together when pinched.
  • 3. Press crust mixture firmly into tart pan(s). Set aside.
  • 4. Place all filling ingredients (except the cashews and the final 4 cups of strawberries) in a blender. Blend until smooth.
  • 5. Add cashews and blend again until smooth. Pour filling mixture into large bowl.
  • 6. Finely chop the remaining strawberries. Add to filling mixture and stir gently with a spoon.
  • 7. Spoon mixture into tarts and enjoy immediately.

The Rawtarian's Thoughts

By The Rawtarian

These strawberry shortcake treats are a perfect summer dessert! A food processor and a blender are required for this recipe.

To get these nice fluted crusts, I used this simple 4" Wilton tart pan, which has a removable bottom that makes it easy to remove. Make sure to press the crust down very firmly so that the crust stays together. (If it won't stick together, you haven't processed it long enough.)

If preparing in advance, store the pie crust and filling separately, then spoon filling into pie crusts just before eating.

To make a smaller batch, feel free to halve the recipe. It won't be enough to make an entire pie crust (using a standard 8" pie dish), but if you have mini pie pans that'll be fine.

Optionally, forego the crust and simply serve filling in custard cups for a quicker result!

Nutrition Facts

Nutritional score: 70 out of 100
  • This recipe is very low in Sodium.
  • This recipe is low in Calories, and Carbohydrates.
  • This recipe is a good source of Vitamin C.
  • This recipe is a noteworthy source of Protein, Dietary Fiber, Iron, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin K.

Amounts per 139 g (5 oz) suggested serving

NameAmount% Daily
Calories 395 16 %
Protein 6 g 11 %
Fat 28 g 35 %
Carbohydrates 36 g 11 %
Dietary Fiber 4 g 13 %
Sugars 25 g
Calcium 27 mg 3 %
Iron 2.5 mg 19 %
Sodium 8 mg
Source: The Rawtarian, USDA

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