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In this video The Rawtarian shows you how to make her famous Silky Green Smoothie in this 10-minute video tutorial. A couple of blender mishaps don't slow her down!


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Good morning. The Rawtarian here. I don’t know about you but when I get up in the morning, I put on my apron and make a green smoothie. I’m kind of kidding because mornings for everybody is like oh my god, where are my keys, and I’m running late. And who has time to make a green smoothie in the morning? But you know what, I’ll always make time to make a green smoothie. You got to have your breakfast and, if you know what you’re going to make in advance, it’s not that hard. You just start to kind of go on autopilot and you get your green smoothie and you go. So what I’m going to be doing in this video in The Rawtarian’s kitchen today is make a green smoothie. The whole process is quite simple. Really what you do is you take all of your ingredients, pop them in your high speed blender ideally. Perhaps your junky $30 big box store blender and that’s okay. If you do have a blender that’s not so great, it’s not going to be as smooth and beautiful as this one will be but it will probably still work and be fine so you should give it a try in your blender.

As far as ingredients go, this is going to make a pretty large smoothie but in order to get full and be satiated on fruit and vegetables, you’ll have to eat quite a bit. So just for my morning, this tends to be what I have. So here we have some baby spinach. Here on this plate, I have 2 bananas, 1 green apple. Any apple will do. And then 2 medium to smallish oranges. And the some water. So these guys right here, this is what makes a green smoothie. If you don’t have these, you’re okay. It’ll be a little bit better but these are the base ingredients. So if you could only have these, that’s okay. What I also like to add to give it a little more flavor and all of those 5 tastes that we love, I love to add a little hint of spice in cinnamon. Now this here, I say sprinkle or a pinch, this is a lot of cinnamon. So I’m not going to use that all. I’m only going to use a small amount of cinnamon. Again, these are optional. These are chia seeds. They’re awesome. If you don’t have them, don’t worry about it. So chia seeds, I could talk a lot about them but I’m going to keep this short. So that’s what those are. And then we have some fresh squeezed lemon juice. And if you don’t have time to fresh squeeze, you can certainly use the store bought lemon juice that comes in a bottle too, but fresh squeezed is certainly best.

So all we’re going to do is put everything together. What do we put in first? How about the basics? So we’re putting in our bananas and everything is chopped up basically really roughly but you do need to chop it up because you can’t put a whole orange there because it will get stuck. These sizes, if you have a good blender, these should be fine. These chunks. If your blender is horrible like the one that I started out with, then you may want to chop them up quite small. That might help. Because what will happen if your blender is crappy is stuff will get stuck in the blades whereas with mine, it’s a Vitamix. It’s a commercial blender. It’s high speed. It’s awesome and it’s not really a problem for me but you do need to cut it up some to give it some help. So we’ve got everything in here. We’ve got our lemon juice, and I was totally joking about my apron in the morning. That’s just not realistic. I just like any excuse to wear an apron. It’s fun. So the chia seeds, we’ll add those. And my hands are kind of wet but we’ll put a little bit of cinnamon in there. So we’ve got everything in. now the water is sort of a—once you become a green smoothie expert, you will have a sense of it. But usually, I don’t use a measuring cup. That was 1 cup of water and actually that looks pretty good. Sometimes, as it’s blending, you’ll be thinking that’s looking like a real thick smoothie and you might add a little more, but you might start—you have to give it enough liquid so that it’ll start to blend but you don’t want to give it so much liquid that you can’t take it away. One other tip I’ll give you too as I’m securing this lid is if you let your smoothie blend for a long time, it’ll start to warm up a little bit. It won’t necessarily get hot but it might not be as cool as you might like. So you could instead of water or you could add some water and some ice, that’ll cool it down, but if your blender is not good, don’t do ice because that’ll make it even harder for you. I always find it difficult to man this thing upside down. So we’re going to turn it on. Aha!

What happens with your blender is that you should always start it on low and that was on extreme high so that’s funny. Sorry. So you start it off on low but look, Vitamix awesome, but I wouldn’t do that even on the Vitamix. It just makes sense to always start on low and then go high. I told you it’s hard to do this upside down. On. Okay, there we go.

That’s pretty good. This is like the video that demonstrates how powerful the Vitamix is. It’s creating its own wind. That’s funny. Okay. So here is our smoothie. It looks good. I think that the texture is pretty good. I might normally add a tiny bit more water but I think that looks pretty good. And so here in our cup, we have our cup and we’re going to pour it. It’s a little thicker than I would like but that’s okay. There’s the smoothie. It’s quite a large amount. Often what I recommend doing is making your smoothie and if you’re on the go, you could just put it on a mason jar or, you know, a travel mug and take it to go with you. So let’s give it a try. It’s really good. So what I love about the green smoothies is that it looks green. It looks so healthy, but it doesn’t taste green. All that fruit, it makes it completely sweet and delicious so it’s really good. It’s a little bit thicker than I like. I don’t have to share this with anybody so this is what I would do at home even sometimes just taste it, and I might think hmm, it’s a little bit thick bit it’s totally depending on your preference. Some people which I think is really odd and I don’t like, they eat their smoothies with a spoon but I’m not into that. There’s a certain consistency that I like. You know when you go to the mall and you can get those smoothies at the smoothie places, they all have a similar consistency and that’s a consistency that I like too. So let’s try to put this on low.

I didn’t really need to blend it again but it’s easier than stirring that water in. this will probably be the perfect consistency for moi. And what I like about the chia seeds that we added is this smoothie recipe I tend to call The Rawtarian’s silky green smoothie recipe because those chia seeds, their texture, provides a very silky consistency and they don’t change it so much that you will have a completely different smoothie if you omit them, but it’s very silky. It’s really smooth. I love it. I haven’t’ had the green smoothies in the morning lately. I’ve been raw for almost 4 years and for like the first 3 years, seriously every day, I had a green smoothie for breakfast. It’s a lot easier when you get into a habit because you know what you need to do rather than make decisions in the morning. That’s not a good idea. The other thing too. When I say I’ve had this green smoothie every day for however many years in the morning, I don’t make the exact same smoothie. If I have frozen strawberries, I might add those. I’ll tweak it. So the thing that’s really nice about it is you can vary it to keep things interesting. So it’s not that I’ve made this exact recipe but variations on the theme. So that’s how to make a green smoothie. I hope those have been helpful. I find it’s always helpful to see somebody do it and see the texture of the final product. So thank you so much for joining me here, and I hope to hear from you soon.

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