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So, whats wrong with free range organic raw eggs???

I hope I posted this in the right section of goneraw. If not, please let me know.

I've been thinking a lot... the only reasons I have for not eating eggs are:

1. they have a lot of cholesterol in them.

2. lots of fat

3. lots of protein

4. a vegan does not eat eggs.

It seems to me that #1 is beat because I've read a lot of articles that talk about cholesterol... how that the body really needs it. If you do not eat cholesterol, your liver produces it (because you are dead without it). Dr. Mercola says that eggs help lower your cholesterol, and that any time you consume carbohydrates (like grains), your liver produces more of it. Now, fats are very, very good for you and I would not be afraid of it. The protein is also good. As for #4, I would simply have to not call myself a vegan.

I would just want to know what you think. Seems eggs are very nutritious, but I've been afraid of them. Where is the Truth? Also, for those here who do consume eggs, how do you do so? Raw, soft boiled, etc? If you eat them raw, then how do you do that?

I've also been wondering about Organic Raw Grass Fed Cow Milk, what is wrong with that??

I just want some truth. So you guy's can straighten me out.



  • I could go on and on with ethical reasons but sounds like you are looking for more health reasons. I found this for you:




    Ive never done eggs on a raw diet, but my buddy for a while thought we were suppose to. He would crack an egg (fresh from his beautiful hens) and put it into a glass. He would try taking it down like a shot, and no matter how hard he tried it couldn't stay down. It just kept squirming its way back up. lol. That always makes me laugh.

    Dairy is extremely mucus causing, extremely. Also, a cows milk is made to turn a 200 lb calf into a 2000lb cow in a matter of months. The human can only digest around 22-27 proteins, where as a cows milk has around 197 differnet protein enzymes. **( Cant remember exact numbers, but you can easily find the info on the net)

  • TOL, I agree with you however you exaggerate a bit. It depends on the breed but based on what I've read cows on average only weight about 1000lbs. Still, your point holds.

    I don't know about the "why not eat raw eggs", but for me I am satisfied basing my decision on the "why", which I have personally found to be: "no reason at all". During conversion I struggled with self-image (I was a protein-shake-drinking gym rat), going through the stage where I lost some weight so considered doing raw eggs. However, my mentor basically assured me there was no need, so I held off. Well, I gained the weight+tone back, but it took me personally about a year. There's really no need to eat animal products, everything you need can be found in the plants. You just have to be patient while your body adjusts. Eating animals just adds a bunch of extra risks about the health of the animal and possible deficiencies/diseases.

  • i just recently started eating organic, truly free range eggs. i get them from an awesome farmers market near me and have spoken directly with the farmer that gathers the eggs. the chickens have complete free roam and can lay wherever they please. i was a vegan for a very long time and finally had to face facts... i felt like shit. i was always tired, always dealing with stomach issues, acne, no energy, etc. so i started to gain an interest in raw... now i have found the perfect balance for me. i am technically a vegetarian i suppose, although i hate to label myself anything. i eat as much locally grown food as i can. once i added these eggs into my diet i have noticed a significant difference. even my occasional acne has gotten a lot better! personally, for me, what works is a balance between raw and cooked. so just listen to your body... please!! i spent so many years being obsessed with fulfilling labels and not paying attention to myself. you have to find what works best for you. and if you do want to try eggs then just talk to farmers. ask them if you can visit the farm or see pictures. they should be excited to tell you about their farm and share information and if they aren't... stir clear.

  • So, how do you normally eat them? I'm thinking about starting to add them to morning smoothies. Seeing that I cannot find anything against it.

  • What's wrong with them is they are bascially unborn chics in a placenta. Sounds yummy eh! I wouldnt calling eating that natural. Besides 'free range' is very open for discussion.

    It doesnt mean they have to be roaming around free, if they see day light they are free range, so you have to careful.

    Also I would concider eating uncooked eggs and great health risk. I remember when I was young making cake I wasnt allowed to eat the uncooked batter because of the eggs within it, it can make you ill.

    Becareful what you choose to do.

  • RP, I agree that its not "best" to eat eggs, however I disagree when you say "I wouldnt calling eating that natural". There are plenty of animals that eat eggs, and for humans I can reason this to be "natural" as well. While we wouldn't be able to hunt and kill any wild animals with just our own bodies, we could easily find and consume eggs in a survival situation. Or, as some might argue, as part of our regular diet. However, I find the best argument against this practice is that we are not in a survival situation, most of us have basically an unlimited supply of high quality produce at our disposal.

  • i agree with the whole "free range" thing being an ambiguous claim. this is why i buy mine directly from a small, local, and organic farmer. and i do believe eating eggs is natural. humans have eaten eggs for thousands of years. plus, i feel good supporting a local, organic farmer. i believe we can help make a much smaller "carbon footprint" by supporting local farms than by buying "raw superfoods" or tropical fruits, for example, that have been shipped halfway across this world to get to our table.

    saying eggs are "basically unborn chics in a placenta" isn't exactly accurate. most eggs intended for human consumption are unfertilized, since the laying hens are kept without roosters. and even fertile eggs will not contain a developed embryo, as refrigeration prohibits cellular growth for an extended amount of time.

    and i have heard that eating raw eggs is not nearly as dangerous or risky as people think. i don't know for sure, but, just think, the latest outbreaks of salmonella have come from plant food items, so there is risk to everything nowadays.

    belikeyeshua - i eat my eggs either hard boiled or scrambled and cooked in olive oil or avocado oil. i try to keep it simple. i haven't tried them raw so i can't give my opinion on that one. and like i said, i have felt so much better after introducing these to my diet! let me know what you think if you try them. (and i stress the importance of local, truly free range and organic, not only for obvious reasons, but they are much more nutritious!)

  • I don't think it's as scary as those have told us, about raw eggs I mean. I am in no mood to try them, but the salmonella actually is on the outside of the egg (MY SIL was a cafeteria worker and that's what she was taught) so the contamination occurs when the egg touches certain parts of the chickens body parts, and we then transfer said bacteria onto our hands, then into the eggs or rub our eyes, or touch our mouth etc, with infected hands. I think that's what she said. But either way, I know she said the problem wasn't with what is inside the egg. and, I ate (Oh gosh the good ole' days) raw cookie dough all the time as a kid, and up till 10 years ago when I started giving up sugar.

  • Not sure, shgadwa.

    How about crickets? They are kosher, and healthy, as long as you don't eat tons of them, and they are raised in a nonpolluted environment. Easy to do at home. Any microbial issues can be addressed effectively at home with well known methods.

    Of course, vegans don't eat insects, either. :-)

  • This past week I've been having almost 100% raw. However I have been putting one hard boiled local organic free range chicken egg in my big dinner salads. I'm really doing it for the B12 because lets face it. I'm not a HUGE fan of brewers yeast and depending only on raw sea weed has been costly.

    I missed eggs anyways. I dont think i would be able to eat a raw egg with out barfing....

    never had raw milk but i have had raw cheese & i think its pretty good.

  • I have often wondered about a raw egg for a hangover

  • Has anyone even mentioned the chicks? Regardless where the chickens end up and if you consider it "free-range" although they're being used for their eggs, these chickens hatched somewhere. Called a hatchery for those that don't know. And those hatcheries have 50% male chicks and 50% female chicks. It's not cost efficient for these hatcheries to have those male chicks (which they don't regard with respect or treat as if they have a beating heart), so if you happen to be non-female, you are gassed, chopped up alive, suffocated, any number of cheap deaths.

    You want to support that? Enjoy your eggs. I'll not partake.

  • I don't care if it's the healthiest food in the world and I'm taking five years off my life by not eating them, I'm not going to eat an egg, period. (Little joke...period? it's a chicken's menstrual waste? get it? Anyway...)

    As Eecho said the risks of eating animal-based foods like egg and milk seem to outweigh any presumed benefits, and plant foods have everything we need without side effects.

    Not all fat and protein is created equal. If you need to add fat to your diet, try coconut oil, nuts, avocados, olives, etc. Animal proteins are bad for the body. Plant proteins are good for the body. Really I thought this would be clear to people by now, but I guess there's still work to be done.

    Mercola says they lower your cholesterol? That's a scientific miracle. How does eating cholesterol reduce cholesterol? (Sometimes I think that guy's license should be revoked.)

  • For the love of PETE, there is no absolute TRUTH. In ANYTHING. Truth is subjective. Read loads and then decide for yourself. Are you and kurite the same user? If not you certainly appear to be on the same track.

    I'm curious why you continue to post the pros of meat and/or dairy and then - at the end of the post - ask everyone to try and disprove you (I seem to remember one of your lengthy posts along the lines of "we need meat, we need dairy, I'm calcium deficient, what can I eat, etc., etc.) You're on a vegan site - we're not going to tell you your meat and/or dairy consumption is a good or healthful idea so you obviously want us to tell you why it's wrong so we can make up your mind for you. I don't get it!

  • suasoria:

    "Animal proteins are bad for the body"

    True, cooked they are very hard to digest. That also true with eggs, cooked eggs gives problems. I never tried raw eggs, I find them disgusting (cooked and raw 8) ) and also we now can go in the market and buy 100 eggs if you want no problem but in nature it's a very "lucky" find. I don't think eggs are part of a sustainable diet more a sort of supplement (I also think that with fruit).


    Your absolutely right. People who like to eat raw greens/fruit and animal products have more in common with raw-paleo than raw vegan. Every one his choice, just know that there is one.

    One thing is bothering me, suppose every one eats raw vegan you need 15 kg/per person/week of greens and fruit times people is kg/week. Is the earth capable of producing that much greens and fruit? How would you get all the fruit needed? How about the CO2 to transport fruit all over the world? And We need fertilizer to grow greens, fertilizer needs oil, oil is depleting, not enough oil is not enough greens?

    I don't think it's very good for the earth or environment if we all go raw-vegan? Maybe it's better that approx 5 billion people stay on a SAD-like (grains) diet?

  • RawEverything, with all due respect, we wouldn't have the environmental problems we currently have if everyone was vegan. The UN, U of Chicago, WorldWatch, and other agencies all say that eating meat is the biggest contributor to climate change - bigger even than transportation. (Better to be a vegan with a Hummer than a meat-eater on a bicycle.)

    When you consider the huge volumes of corn, soy, etc. fed to animals that we then kill for food, and the water it takes to raise food animals, and the methane from their waste, and the land, and the refrigeration, and the clearing of land that used to have plants (no more photosynthesis)...and many more factors, it all adds up to a dangerous situation.

    We don't need fertilizer/oil to grow anything. A 10x10 plot can feed a family of 4 if it's well planned. All the answers are out there...we just need to find the will to make them happen.

  • Suasoria with all due respect also, Hmm interesting. A part of the problem is bio-industry huge amount of animals not in there usual environment eating what they should not be eating I don't like that.

    It's a very complex and sensitive problem.

    Meat is about 300 cal/100 gr.

    corn also about 300 cal/100 gr.

    spinach is 15 cal./100 gr.

    Every one says you need less calories on raw-vegan diet I didn't experienced that when I was on raw-vegan diet. I was still eating 2500+ calories a day so I didn't feel hungry. "Science" says a male need 2000 cal. a day that's about right then.

    So for a pure green/fruit and a little nuts/chocolate or oil/fat (perfect raw-vegan diet I think) you need a lot of food only for me alone. I don't know how much land I need for that but is large and you need fertilizer in some sort (animal sh*t or oil based).

    I calculated that one cow can feed me for 2 years you also need a lot of land for grass but it's low maintenance and self fertilizing.

    To feed the planet. I don't know let the cows eat grass we then eat the cows or we eat directly the "grass".

    For the majority of the people please stay on grains 8)?

  • Nothing

  • "I don't know how much land I need for that but is large and you need fertilizer in some sort (animal sh*t or oil based)."--Raweverything

    Composting toilet! :D

    I'm going to have one for my new house, instead of a toilet hooked to a septic.

    Lovable Loo:

    Compost Tumbler:

    6 homemade compost tumblers, and a Lovable Loo. Water conservation and fertilizer, FTW! :-)

    P.S. Disregard everything I say. (Instead of eating the cow, I went for the 'grass'.)


  • Hmm looked it up you need 30ton/ha of compost for spinach (euhm that's 3kg/m2?). 1m2 of land yield 1 kg of spinach.

    hmm for 1 years word of spinach 100m2 is enough, you need 300 kg of humanure.

    Haha in search of kale yields/ha I found the total world production of greens and fruit about 900.000.000.000 kg that's about 150 kg/person/year. So If we all in the world go raw-vegan we die (about 800 kg/year of greens needed).

    For RAF (eating the cow) 5.000 m2 of grass land is needed for one cow. I don't think there is enough grass in the world for the cow's we need.

    On a small scale (personal/family like) raw-vegan or raw-animal-food is doable but on a very large scale, I doubt it.

  • I think if you want to eat eggs, knowing everything you know about how they make you feel, where they come from, how the chickens are treated that produced them, etc., then eat eggs. If you know all that and it changes your mind and you don't want to eat eggs, then great. Everybody's different.

    As far as feeding the world goes, I like to think about it this way: 100 pounds of grain can produce 10 pounds of cow which can produce 1 pound of human (these are approximations, of course). So, eating lower on the food chain would allow more humans to eat more food, whether it was grains, fruit, or greens.

    A non-vegetarian once said to me, "But if people didn't eat cows, cows would escape and start grazing everywhere and take over the world! So we have a responsibility to eat cows, so they don't take over!" Seriously, someone said that to me. If the cows weren't in the pastures, eating grass, then there would be other things living there besides cows. Cows are produced by humans. There would be PLENTY to eat if there were no cows, and everyone had to eat fruit. There would be more to eat, frankly, because turning plant matter into cow meat and then eating it is much less efficient than just eating plant matter. There is a lot of energy lost in the process.

    But this isn't even about cows. It's about eggs. I don't eat eggs. But that's just me.

  • lol

    Whoever said that cows would take over the world obviously knows nothing about cows. A cow is so stupid that it will stand in a foot of snow, and die from dehydration.

    And chickens are even dumberererer. I had some chickens when I was 12. They had a shelter (chicken house), and would go into it when it started to get pretty dark outside. But one day, with a sky only partly cloudy, it started to rain pretty good. Instead of getting into the shelter, they all looked up at the sky and drowned. They did that within 12 foot of their shelter.

    There were 10 tiny graves. :-(

  • "So If we all in the world go raw-vegan we die (about 800 kg/year of greens needed)."

    I wouldn't worry about that, haha. Most of the folks I know won't even stop drinking colas. They darned sure won't give up their meat and macaroni, lol

    *smooches to youses*

  • Hi there, just registered and this is my first post, but i wanted to respond here cause I have chickens.

    First let me confess i've only been eating raw for 1 week. I am very excited about the raw lifestyle and loving this new adventure in life. I've been reading everything i can find and trying lots of new recipes.

    Back to eggs...having my own 4 backyard chickens was really a first step to more healthy and natural foods. I actually have not eaten any eggs this week, but i may choose to later on down the line.

    If you choose to eat eggs, know that, because of the minimal FDA requirements, just because eggs are labeled free range organic does not mean they are much different from plain eggs nutritionally, they just cost a lot more. Truly free range means they get to roam outside all day and go in at night to roost, having lots of fresh food and water. I have 4 in my backyard garden, a little green paradise. These eggs are incredibly nutritious and low in cholesterol.

    I am currently enjoying not eating any animal products because i want to really see what benefits there are from going 100% raw vegan. If you like eggs then try to find a source from a very small flock with really great conditions. The B-12 concern is valid i think. I would rather get it from a natural source than a supplement.

    PS where does the B-12 in the supplements come from?

  • 40in8, I wouldn't say that just because another species wouldn't make the same decision as you that you have a valid comparison of intelligence. They are different, not dumb. You can't measure your intelligence (or lack of) against theirs (or their lack of).

  • There are an awful lot of spin-off discussion potentials from this thread, it could take years to resolve if we followed them all!! I think what a lot of it comes down to is farming/husbandry techniques. You could read a mountain of books on what it all involves and the ensuing outcomes for health, environment, soil condition, animal welfare, biology, etc. and still not be properly informed. I know I'm not!! I'll just say that, in my opinion, industrial agriculture is a dead end. In my perfect little world, all food would come from very localised small-scale permaculture and consumption of animal products would be kept to a bare minimum. If needed at all. But that's me, I can be an unrealistic idealist at times.

  • We have 12 hens and a rooster who run free and have a good life here at home. I have eaten their eggs before, and the dogs all love them. But I've gotta say, I don't think they are all that healthy for me physically. It just hits me wrong a lot when I eat them, makes me feel really sluggish and irritable immediately afterwards, even though it tastes good going down. I don't think that animal meat is healthy or appropriate for humans, and it is still animal flesh, don't kid yourself. I also don't think the cholesterol in the yolks is healthy. I don't have a problem with the ethical part, as these are free-range happy pets, but I think the best solution for people with access to chickens that are well kept and happy on natural farms is to enjoy their eggs once in awhile, but not all the time. And eat them cooked, of course, Co-ops often have these natural local, organic, free-range chicken eggs, but I'm not 10% sure of the conditions the chickens are raised in and living in unless I were to actually find out and visit the local farms. Most of the time ree-range is a trick term used by factory farms which may only be required to open a door for a moment and then shut it again for the chickens and their eggs to be called free-range. And if it's anything like the local dairy farms around here in Oregon, I'd make sure you know your source is a humane and ethical source where the animals truly are happy. The dairy farm on my road out here in the country is the saddest and cruelest thing, a hell for these animals hidden from the public on a lone country road. Typical.

  • You said chickens are dumb because yours went out in the rain and drowned. However, people who take care of chickens are supposed to have the intelligence to know about this trait, so they could take precautions to avoid this.

  • superfood, you wouldn't say it, but i would. cows are stupid. lol

    chickens and cows can be taught how to play tic tac toe, even beat humans at it. but when a cow dies from dehydration in the presence of an obvious, abundant, clean and easily accesible water source, it's stupid.

    i would never mistreat a cow, and i have no interest in consuming animal products that come from animals that are mistreated. but i am not concerned about hurting their feelings with my language. :-)

    ETA: I have two dogs. One is fairly dumb. The other, I am convinced, could attend harvard and graduate summer come Lordy, if only she could speak. (and she tries, all the time.)

  • leafygreen, that is why we build shelters for them. did you not read the whole thing?

    12 foot. 12 foot, that is how far away the shelter was. sorry, but the chickens were stupid. other fowl are not so stupid. duck eggs were nice for a time. :-)

    by the way, i see that your account is new. if you are as well, then welcome. just be nice, or i will be forced to slander more species, lol.

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