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I posted an introduction topic a few weeks ago, and now I am posting a goodbye topic.

My time on this site has been short lived. I was initially cautious of joining because I saw a post by the59sound wherein he rudely scolded someone for having views dissimilar to his own. I thought I could tolerate that kind of immaturity, but clearly I can't. I am much more comfortable in a setting where I can speak my mind, and spread advice rooted in love and kindness without fear of being ridiculed. The over-riding feel of this site is one of judgment, negativity, control, and self punishment, and I don't belong here.

Thanks to everyone who enlightened me in one way or another, and best wishes to all for a happy, healthy raw lifestyle!


  • p.s. How do I cancel my account here?

  • Fortune, to get what you wish, just leave and never return, would that not be the solution?

    But i would like to say, i think you should reconsider. There are tons of wonderful people here. And although I do agree with you about a few individuals on this site, after I got used to them, and that this is the way they are, I accepted them, disregard their posts, and take in all the wonderfulness of everyone else. it just seems that never in life are you around all wonderful people. there's always that negative condescending individual that will be there. I thought to myself just tonight.. if all that's holding me back is these negative people that just don't believe in me(or anyone else), and that think everything is NOT going to be ok, and that really they don't have faith, and they don't see that the world is there for them, and they are making me feel a certain way, then I am a fool. For I know that I am great(for we all are great) and everything IS ok, and that I do have faith in the universe and the world that is here for me. That is what I believe, so I would be a fool, to have fear because they have no faith.. For I have that faith. You too should see you have that faith, and that these other people without that faith really don't matter. (Feel not that way because of them, namely because you are seeing truth. They are seeing through jaded glasses. And you know this is true, because all that is true, is full of Love, Kindness, and Truth. And also see that all the others that are full of Love & Truth are also here, embracing you, and loving to have another kind informative individual willing to communicate. That in my opinion is worthwhile enough to ignore the weeds, and enjoy the flowers. Best Wishes, Lux Divon

    p.s. (by faith it is not religious, just an understanding of the universe, never a need for negativity or condescending, in fact, pure and simple LOVE that fuels all action),

  • Fortune, while you may not like 59's style or his opinion, I don't think it's any more mature of you to refer to members here as "assholes" or "watch out for assholes" in another thread, and also to mention that he or she is rude here. If you have a problem, you are supposed to take it to the moderators. In the interest of our community here, please stop your negative posts about specific members.

    I have people on here who I disagree with and who disagree with me, but by no means do I take that personally or think I am supposed to therefore dislike the person. I embrace our differences, and our opinions and posts still stand regardless if one or more people disagree.

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