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raw chef in the house

What's up everyone, I'm new to this forum but definitely not new to raw. I've been raw for over a decade now and even have a restaurant in New York's Lower East Side called Quintessence. For those of you near me stop by and say hello!! Very cool website by the way, awesome to be a part of it.

By the way, not trying to be front or anything but I do raw food events every now and then and have one coming up at the end of this month. It will be a completely free dinner and lecture on raw food preparation, so if you're in the area and not busy or just want to maybe learn some things about going raw please stop by! It will be taking place on October 29th and again on the 30th. All that's needed to participate is stop by my website and register (so I know how many participants there are). It's http://www.rawchefdan.com/free-event-oct.html

Anyway, good to be part of this forum (be nice to me. please.) and hopefully I'll have the chance to meet some of you cool people at one of my events.


  • Welcome Chef Dan! A raw event would be AWESOME, unfortunately, I live too far away from anything even remotely resembling raw-friendly. Do you ever do webcasts of your lessons??

  • sv3sv3

    Hi Raw Chef Dan, I've been on your website a few times and it's great!

    Nice to see you on here. :-)

  • I've been to Raw Q many times but most of hte things are too high fat and poorly combined for me now. I definitely recommend your place to others, however.

  • Are you this Dan, a convicted sex offender:


  • oh lord!

  • Thanks for the heads up superfood!!

  • good grief!

  • maybe that's why he said he wanted us to be nice to him.

  • I can still be nice to him, and I think anyone, even non-sex offenders or non-criminals, want people to be nice to them. However, I think especially young females going to see this person should be aware.

  • superfood, how did you find out about this?? do you live in new york?? i'm just curious.

  • No, my friend (who has been to Quintessence with me prior) in NJ found out about it and told me a few days ago, saying she'd never go there again. so I looked it up to see if it was accurate and remembered that Dan had posted on here and people had responded (and in particular that he had asked about meeting people in person, which caused me some alarm).

  • uhhh.... wow.

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