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Anti 811 diet

Well, I have been testing the anti 811 raw skinny diet for the last few weeks,

and we have come up with something that works well ( we made some adjustments

to be sure the diet was VERY EASY to stay on.)

It is free if you want to try and check back with me on your success or failure..

you can get it at www.shellebell.com

or email me at trent.black@live.com



  • Anti 811 diet Menu Sample


    1 Handful of Cashews, eaten one at a time

    1 Multi vitamin/mineral pill


    Cucumber Soup

    6 cucumbers in blender


    Put one serving in a bowl

    Add diced tomatoes on top

    2 Tablespoons of Olive oil

    Cilantro and Dill

    3 strawberries on the side


    1 Sliced Cucumber, dipped in Avocado Dip

    1 Small Banana

    Lemon Water


    Walked 40 min at lunch. After a week on the diet,the pace really picks up

  • What Basically, the 811 diet always ends up as a fruitarian diet for the people that try it. That is not what it is, but like all HIGH SUGAR diets, the people end up just eating the sugar.

    I am all for fruitarian diets. But that is tropical diet, where it is too hot to eat. Add some air conditioning and candy, and the recipe changes. Besides, they don't eat fats in the tropics, because few raw fats exist in the tropics. Take that tropical diet a little north, and you get dry skin. Add some fats to your fruit, and you add weight, fast. Especially as you age.

    Anti 811 is a northern diet, and will not work in the tropics very well. The anti 811 diet is about stopping the insane eating cravings and hunger that you get from a high sugar diet.

    This diet keeps your blood sugar level all day, so you don't have cravings. Sometimes, you forget to eat.

    This is a light ketosis diet.

    Weight Gain Recipe

    Remember. When you add lots of sugar and lots of fat, you end up heavier. Might as well be eating at McDonald's.

  • That's an incredibly low kilojoule diet.....only 3000 kj at best... is this meant to be sustainable or for short term weight loss?

  • i put this into a calorie counter assuming you're eating 2 oz of cashews and all 7 cucumbers and one whole avocado in one day, its only about 1100 calories. I like this idea of a low sugar diet, but i need at least double those calories. Also i like cucumbers but thats a lot of cukes. What types of variants can you do.

  • sv3sv3

    I don't think I'd be able to cope on this diet.

    I can't imagine a handful of cashews would keep me going until lunch. I also don't think I could stomach eating that many cucumbers. The lack of variety would do my head in.

    It's an interesting take on things but I will not be trying this diet.

  • I think you are throwing out the baby with the bath water.

    You can up the calories, down the calories, what ever you want. That is not the important part.

    THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THIS, is that sugars cause the cravings. If you eat just a little carbs per meal, you don't have hunger, cravings, and sometimes forget to eat. *** you are in total control with the cravings and hunger ***

    You can be SUPER SKINNY, SUPER FAT, WHAT EVER, because, you do not have the cravings.

    Again, You don't have cravings and hunger pains. *** you are in total control to decide what to eat ***

    The diet is maintainable, and easily so, without cravings. That is the point.

    Now, I have not gone and done a nice recipe book for everybody,

    but, hey, i think this is a site of recipes.........

    i have been on every diet under the sun, at least 3 times.

    This is by far the most easily maintainable.

    Some people will think they will miss green pea's. There are 2 points to this;

    1. You won't crave them so you won't miss them

    2. You can eat them, in fact, you can EAT sugar all day, if you want.

    You just have to walk 60 minutes that evening to burn up the sugar

    intake, to get rid of the sugar blues and cravings. But if you do this too often,

    you are a sugar junkie again.

    I HATE counting calories. I just look at my pants, and see if they are lose or tight,

    and eat a little more less. But that is me.

  • I have another thing - I don't think that I would be able to eat that much of nuts on an empty stomach..

    About 8-1-1 - although I like their idea of using less fat than a standard raw foodist would use, I just can not agree with consuming sooooo much fruit. All that sugar!!

    Besides, not that long ago I had this amazing opportunity to live in an eco-village with some lovely people in Thailand, most of which were fruitarians. Desite they were absolutely sweet and lovely, I just could deal with their unhealthy appearances - skin, bodies and especially teeth - non of them had ANY teeth left, all eroded by the acidity of fruits. But we are meant to have teeth, aren't we?? I take this thing as another proof that all fruit diet is not as natural and beneficial as they all claim.

  • sorry i read your book i am not agreeing with you anyone who thinks you have to cut out carbs from natures foods is wrong.

    and what you typed out is a starvation diet OFCAUSE You are going to lose weight on eating so little!

  • Well I certainly couldnt live off of that little and be happy BUT think it is wonderful to move to a lower fat raw lifestyle. I think gourmet can exists in moderation. (I type this as I am eating raw pudding and raw chocolate granola containing, I am not even shitting you, 60 grams of fat!). I realize thats insane but I have had a rough day!

    Now, when I was athletic I could consume as much fat as I wanted to and could hella slim down. Now, I cant be active and have to completely rearrange my eating habits. Sucks but it is what I have to do.

    I wish people would keep an open mind about the raw lifestyle and not beat other's up for initiated some new ideas about what works well for them. I feel blessed to be more enlightened than the mass majority of people (I think all raw fooders are more enlightened : ) ) and feel even more amazing for being in the company of the likes of you people (other raw fooders). We need to embrace and be nice to one another.

    I support the 811 about 50-75% Theres alot I agree with and alot I dont.. I think its not for everyone but it is for some! Myself, it is not. At least long term. When I follow it it is for diet purposes only and not lifestyle purposes!

    I guess thats all I wanted to say. I just would hate to see things go sour in this thread :) Theres a LOT of room for strong opinions here

  • i feel like you'll obviously lose weight on this diet because of how little calories it is, but if you are striving for overall health, then this diet will definitely not give it to you. you need carbs in your diet! fruit is the best way to get them. also, that much fat is gonna clog your arteries eventually and really slow your digestive system down.

  • hey..... are you mocking my 68 grams of fat in one sitting?

    God my heart hurts!



  • Thanks for the tip, now I know I have to eat more fats and definetly more sugar. I love greens, but I tend to loose too much weight if I depend only on them (which proves your point that this diet is for weight loss). In my case I have trouble gaining/keeping my weight on the raw diet to start with...

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Sugar causes cravings?! I've definitely had the opposite reaction. The only diet that has ever allowed me to conquer my binge eating is a low fat, high fruit raw vegan diet.

    The body needs simple carbohydrates, and lots of 'em!




    I agree with you swayze. I find that since I've started eating more fruit I've had a lot less cravings for sweets and I have fewer binges when I eat a lot of fruit during the day.

  • you are in ketosis. so, you burn fat. it does not clog the arteries, in the 54 people on the diet.

    they all have lowered blood pressure. i know. i took it.

    sugar and triglycerides lead to plaque. it is in medline. remember. ketosis.

    everybody talks of conquering cravings. i have YET to meet a raw person

    that will change diets for 5 days. I MEAN, 5 days. This is an ADDICTION.

    Same as those guys buying McDonalds hambugers. They could not change

    diet for 5 days either.

    i can. don't bother me at all.

    if i go all sugar, i will get sugar blues, and cravings.

    so do all 54 of my clients.

    hmmm. listen to what you wrote. i like you and think you are nice, but read the words.

    >>> I find that since I've started eating more fruit I've had a lot less cravings for sweets

    fruits are basically, sugar. that is a sweet. you ate more sweets, so don't crave more

    sweets then the sweets you ate. because you already ate the sweets????????

    now, i do deal with older people, and they have a lot more health problems then

    the younger folks in the raw food area. things don't work as well, with worn out parts.

    OK, i gave an example of eating. And that is just me. The beauty of the diet is you

    can change that, without THE cravings. If you ate 2 banana's for breakfast, you would

    be FREAKING STARVING by lunch, looking for carbs. CORRECT? I don't have that problem.

    Your blood sugar would skyrocket, and insulin production increase. I take these daily for people.

    Some diabetics, some not. But, my blood sugar does not. Mine would not.

    REMEMBER. I gave an example of what I ate. YOU CAN EAT MORE.

    EAT, EAT, EAT. PLEASE EAT AWAY. You are in light ketosis.


    How many of you have been to a sprout health center? I have.

    What do you think that SPROUT DIET that people hate?

    You know, the cancer diet? It works. I worked there.


    There is no sugar, because, it feeds cancer.

    think about that....

    ALSO, i have been on your diets for years. off and on.

    maybe you should ACTUALLY try a different approach,

    and then talk about it? see how it works. well, unless

    you are too addicted. i understand.

  • what are your credentials, mac?

  • I don't find your posts the least bit intelligible to even consider them.

  • It doesn't matter to me if there are credentials or not, there is no way in hell that anybody could convince me that fruit is bad for you. Dogmatic? perhaps, but human analisys, and research are commonly flawed...

  • you know, i was gonna say i'd try anything for 5 days, because i am open, and will always remain open to all options in life. But I read this, and to me, I feel like it says well, why you don't have those cravings etc. Starvation mode. I think I'll take the cravings. Cravings, maybe whether we like them or not, are actually a good thing. I myself am not 8-1-1. I do enjoy fruit immensely. however I think i'll always feel a combination of nuts, fruits, fats and veggies keep me happy and healthy. I will be doing some reading on fatty acids, as I know from almost having cancer, that there is a definite difference between good fats and bad fats. I ate hella avocados when I was on that diet, and I cured my cancer, even with all that fat! because they were all good fats. not saturated. anywayz. I don't have any proof to back it up at the moment, so i'll post that later.

    Back to Ketosis

    from Wikipedia.

    Metabolic pathways

    Ketone bodies, from the breakdown of fatty acids to acetyl groups, are also produced during this state, and are burned throughout the body. Excess ketone bodies will slowly decarboxylate into acetone. That molecule is excreted in the breath and urine. When glycogen stores are not available in the cells (glycogen is primarily created when carbohydrates such as starch and sugar are consumed in the diet), fat (triacylglycerol) is cleaved to give 3 fatty acid chains and 1 glycerol molecule in a process called lipolysis. Most of the body is able to utilize fatty acids as an alternative source of energy in a process where fatty acid chains are cleaved to form acetyl-CoA, which can then be fed into the Krebs Cycle. It is important to note that acetyl-CoA can only enter the Krebs Cycle bound to oxaloacetate. When carbohydrate supplies are inadequate, however, the liver naturally converts oxaloacetate to glucose via gluconeogenesis for use by the brain and other tissues. When acetyl CoA does not bind with oxaloacetate, the liver converts it to ketones (or ketone bodies), leading to a state of ketosis. During this process a high concentration of glucagon is present in the serum and this inactivates hexokinase and phosphofructokinase-1 (regulators of glycolysis) indirectly, causing most cells in the body to use fatty acids as their primary energy source. At the same time, glucose is synthesized in the liver from lactic acid, glucogenic amino acids, and glycerol, in a process called gluconeogenesis. This glucose is used exclusively[clarification needed] for energy by cells such as neurons and red blood cells.[citation needed]

    [edit]Similar conditions

    Ketosis should not be confused with ketoacidosis (diabetic ketoacidosis or the less common alcoholic ketoacidosis), which is severe ketosis causing the pH of the blood to drop below 7.2. Ketoacidosis is a medical condition usually caused by diabetes and accompanied by dehydration, hyperglycemia, ketonuria and increased levels of glucagon. The high glucagon, low insulin serum levels signals the body to produce more glucose via gluconeogenesis and glycogenolysis, and ketone bodies via ketogenesis. High levels of glucose causes the failure of tubular reabsorption in the kidneys, causing water to leak into the tubules in a process called osmotic diuresis, causing dehydration and further exacerbating the acidosis.


    If the diet is changed from a highly glycemic diet to a diet that does not provide sufficient carbohydrate to replenish glycogen stores, the body goes through a set of stages to enter ketosis. During the initial stages of this process the adult brain does not burn ketones; however, the brain makes immediate use of this important substrate for lipid synthesis in the brain. After about 48 hours of this process, the brain starts burning ketones in order to more directly utilize the energy from the fat stores that are being depended upon, and to reserve the glucose only for its absolute needs, thus avoiding the depletion of the body's protein store in the muscles.

    Whether ketosis is taking place can be checked by using special urine test strips such as Ketostix.

    Ketosis is deliberately induced in the ketogenic diet used to treat epilepsy. Other uses of low-carbohydrate diets remain controversial.[1] [2]


    Some medical resources regard ketosis as a physiological state associated with chronic starvation.[citation needed] Some clinicians regard ketosis as a crisis reaction of the body due to a lack of carbohydrates in the diet and consider it a dangerous and potentially life-threatening state that stresses the liver and causes destruction of muscle tissues[3][4][5]. It should be remembered from the above discussion that ketogenesis does not destroy muscle tissue. Ketogenesis can occur solely from the byproduct of fat degradation: acetyl-CoA. Ketosis, which is accompanied by gluconeogenesis (the creation of denovo glucose from amino acids), is the specific state with which clinicians are concerned.

    The anti-ketosis conclusions have been challenged by a number of doctors and adherents of low-carbohydrate diets, who dispute assertions that the body has a preference for glucose and that there are dangers associated with ketosis.[6][7][8]

  • i eat about 2,500-3000 cal of fruit everyday here in the cold northeast. i am fine and my body fat percentage is low. thank goodness for 811!

  • No kidding, 59. I've never felt warmer in the cold winters until I started eating high fruit!

  • hi shellebell! the reason why we would crave more fruit if we only ate 2 bananas for a meal is because that's only 200 calories, not enough calories to feel satiated and not enough carbs to feed the body.

    i can feel full all day on nuts and oils because they are so hard to digest and they have a lot of calories but that does not mean that it's healthy.

    i crave fruit because that's what my body needs, not because it's an addiction. i feel great, don't have cravings and am really thriving on a low-fat diet of fruits and some vegetables. i don't need any vitamin or mineral supplements.

    what's so bad about hunger? it's a natural feeling, a survival mechanism. if no one ever felt hunger, we wouldn't eat and we would eventually starve to death.

    Kelly :)

  • have you superfood, and 59sound ever read anything on the benefits of fats before? I am only asking out of curiosity, if it's something you've researched, or if your love of 8-1-1 is purely from personal experience.

  • another questin to the OP is this diet of yours is so healthy why do you need a mulit vitamin?

  • I've read many nutrition books, and I get as much fat as my body needs.

    Have you read about how too much fat interferes with digestion?

  • I am living proof that too much fat interferes with digestion. But...I am working on that! :)

  • Maybe in the future, the pro-disordered or starvation eating posts can be removed. Not sure how often a moderator is on here, though. There are similar posts in the "What do you eat today" thread, which is part of the reason I don't go on there very often anymore to post (besides time limitations/not keeping track well of what I eat)....I get sickened at how little people eat, but they sure don't skimp on the fat when they actually do eat.

  • Hey! Iwas anorexic for over a year. I have personal expeirience with starvation mode. IT IS REAL. When you don't eat, so many things are thrown out of wack-emotionally/spitirually/psychologically- not to meantion physicaly. Not eating enough food on any diet will very likely lead to binegin and otherwise un-healthy eating and thinking behaviors. I am still working on getting over my fear (irrational fear) of food. Superfood2 and Lulushka- you two always inspier me, and also tame those redic. thoughts I still have about starvation! I really really appreceate you two, your views and your healthy additudes towards foods. I am sorry that you get frusterated and turned off. But I just want to thank both of you for being so honest and thought full and concerned for everyone on this site! It is really somthing to stand up against somthing that is not hurting you personally, but you are aware of the damage it could cause to others. You guys rock.

  • I don't struggle with cravings at all and at the moment I'm fairly low fruit although sometimes I eat only fruit.

    I think the point of a healthy diet is to have a good balance and find exactly what your body needs. I love greens. I eat several varieties every day. It's sort of the glue that holds my diet in place.

    I will say though to both superfood and lulushka I really sincerely think I have a problem with not eating nearly enough. I struggle with it all the time and I'm very very inspired by both of your posts whenever you list what you've eaten. It's wonderful for me to see what a good example it is.

    I don't intentionally eat less although I always feel like I eat alot but I get caught up with work and usually during the day I only eat a few pieces of fruit or veggies and at night I eat a salad and some fruit or maybe another salad. This all might possibly be alright if I didn't run very often. Yesterday I ran 5 miles........I doubt I even ate as many calories as that run burned but I just completely lose my appetite after a run. It's weird.

    I'd LOVE any input on this problem and how I can effectively deal with it and the little bit you guys do by listing what you eat is really really helpful. So don't get discouraged please!!

  • fruit is a crucial part of my diet. there is nothing wrong with it. in the wilds wild fruit growing on bushes and trees is attractive and appealing to people. other primates eat huge amounts of fruit.

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