Absolutely AMAZING Longevity Secrets! (did you miss this?)

David Wolfe just completed another AMAZING live

longevity Q&A call and wow...


He got through SO MANY fascinating questions. I

was furiously taking notes. So were about 1200

other people.

They talked about how to address acne and its causes,

why so many people suffer from muscle spasms and what

to do about it, they discussed allergies, hair growth,

the difference between smoothies and juicing, and so

much more...

Be sure to listen to this replay of the entire call.

Over an hour of awesome content! And bring your notepad!!



Brandt Garner

P.S. Oh this is INSANE: David just pinged me and said over

100 more units flew off the shelves during their call. That

leaves less than 400 LongevityNOW Programs.

So if you're at all curious, at all interested in what this

program can do for you...

It's risk free. You can try it now for just $97. That'll also

get you instant access to over $1700 in free Advanced Longevity

Techniques bonuses AND access to their exclusive event.

But you have to decide now. Here's to YOUR Longevity!


P.P.S As an Extra Added Bonus you will receive all access to this weekends

Longevity Now Experience, November 20-22

Join David Wolfe and a faculty of top health experts for the

long awaited Longevity Experience Weekend.

Our team has just made arrangements with a specialty

company to broadcast the ENTIRE 3 days online!!!

So if you want to join the health transformation event

of the year, here's your chance!

You can enjoy "front row seats" and watch from the

comfort of your own computer!

No driving, No packing, No airplanes, No hotel!

I guess since it's on your computer, there is No dress

code either, you can even watch wearing your bathrobe :)

Note: This is NOT just a normal video stream. It is totally

interactive so you will be able to submit questions to

the speakers, click their slides and a whole bunch of

other cool features!

You can even rewatch the recordings of sessions you

liked or missed (and you'll definitely want to!)



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