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how do you ground yourself?

stylistchickstylistchick Raw Newbie

okay people, i feel like i’m floating and high all the time, in a good way, don’t get me wrong. but what can i eat that will bring me back down to earth? nuts and seeds don’t seem to do it for me.


  • How about avocado?

  • writeeternitywriteeternity Raw Newbie

    Black or green olives are good. =)

  • eating more root vegetables can help with staying grounded. maybe some soaked lentils too, i like to soak a mix of red and green lentils overnight and toss them in curry dressing. they’re good thing when you want something heavier that’s not fatty.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    That light and floaty feeling is wonderful, for me it is what being raw is all about. It took a bit of getting used to at the beginning, but now I believe it is the way I am meant to feel. I love it. It doesn’t mean that I am impaired in any way or that anything is wrong. In fact if I cheat and eat cooked food that feeling goes, and takes me off my raw high, which is a terrible thing to do to myself!

  • KristensRawKristensRaw Raw Newbie

    I think we’re conditioned to feel weighted down and it’s hard to get used to feeling so light and high. I say this thinking that you don’t mean you feel dizzy or wanting to pass out. There’s a difference.

    If you’re looking to be more grounded and weighted down, then yes, avocados should help, olives, plenty of water which you probably get with all of your raw fruits and veggies and more dark mineral filled greens.

  • stylistchickstylistchick Raw Newbie

    thanks for the advice. well, avocados are out for me, i get a weird mucous reaction when i eat them. i eat TONS of root vegetables, its sort of the base of my diet, i drink 2-3 glasses of carrot/beet juice everyday. when i eat sprouted grains, my blood sugar spikes way up (i’m a type 1 diabetic) and i find that they are too heavy in my belly. i eat a few olives here and there, but i wonder if all olives are raw, and if not how do you know? i could definately up my intake of green leafy vegetables and drink more water. at times i feel like i’m going to pass out, but that is the diabetes and low blood sugar.

  • writeeternitywriteeternity Raw Newbie

    Hi Stylist Chick! OMGosh I didn’t know it was that serious! I think people thought you were just a little spacey or something! Have you tried sprouted beans? Maybe that’s what you’re missing. When I say sprout I mean after soaking 6 – 8 hours or all night for small beans like mung beans or beluga lentils.

    It seems to me that carrots and beets are pretty high in sugar. Maybe you could switch to more cucumber and other vegetables in your juices. You are right some olives aren’t as raw as others. There are onces that have been sundried.

    Are you eating coconut? The unsweetened kind is not sweet at all and great for a tai soup. I wish I could help you more on this one.!

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    You say on your profile that you have only been raw a week. I’d say, make sure you eat enough, and give it some time.

    It is a big change and everything needs a while to settle down.

    I know that when I switched from an unhealthy vegan diet to 100% raw I felt dizzy and faint, but I believe that this was due to cooked food withdrawal, and as time went on I just got stronger. Then whenever I had a cheating problem and ate cooked food for maybe a few days, when I went back to raw the dizziness went on for a few days. That’s why I reckon it is cooked food withdrawal. I think this is what you are describing, and not the lovely spaced out raw high I originally thought you were originally writing about. That kicked in for me after about 2 months 100%

    Just keep at it and eat alot! Kale and spinach is my cure all, I’d recommend kale, orange juice and spinach smoothies.

  • stylistchickstylistchick Raw Newbie

    okay, so i need to update my profile, i think its been about 3 and half weeks that i’ve been raw. i’m 100% raw with the exception of herbal tea. the fainting spells are really just low blood sugar, that is not what i’m talking about. i just get spaced out, and i feel like my brain is a little foggy. maybe i’n still detoxing?

    i can’t touch orange juice, it sends my sugar levels through the roof. maybe i will try apple and kale or spinach.

    thanks for all your input folks! hopefully it will pass. i don’t mind the “high” feeling, i just don’t like feeling befuddled

  • Hi Stylistchick,

    I read on the Wai website – www.waisays.com that if you mix a little bit of extra virgin olive oil with your fresh orange juice that this will help to prevent your blood sugar level from spiking. I have tried this and it works and it does not impair the taste of the O.J. I also use EVOO on my fruits salads.

  • my thoughts on getting grounded are this…i’ve been eating about 100% raw since last april. at first i also felt pretty out there- spacey- very yin. and for the first few months i was completely unable to focus. i couldn’t really even read, which is something i usually like to do. at first if felt a little scary to me. then i started to realize that i was having a pretty deep spiritual experience. it’s tough to describe, and i imagine other folks know what i’m talking about. i basically realized that i was feeling more connected to everyone and everything else, less separate. and while i was having a hard time focusing on details, a much larger and more meaningful experience of being alive started to emerge, so i didn’t care so much about the inability to focus. and then almost suddenly, my focus really came back in a new way. now i am able to read, and think very clearly, and i feel grounded most of the time.

    the concrete things that help me stay grounded are eating a LOT of dark leafy greens- especially kale. i eat about 2 bunches of greens a day- some of it in green smoothies, some juices, some salads. i also eat a lot of sea vegetables, and green superfood powders like spirulina and chlorella. i use flax oil or hemp oil and olive oil in my salad dresings. i eat a lot of saurkraut and pickles. and another thing that i do is meditate, sitting every morning- from 20-45 minutes. i also get bodywork at least once a week, and i ride my bike to get around everyday. oh, and i’ve been getting colonics once every month or 2. and with all of these things- i don’t have a regular routine that i stick to religiously. i go mostly on what my intuition leads me to do, or eat.

    good luck figuring it out. i’m noticing that everyone has a different reaction to going raw. from my experience i can say that it’s totally worth it to ride out the challenges.

  • Hi stylistchick, please read my post about fenugreek sprouts in recipes section under my ID tggoesraw. It helps a lot for diabetics to drink fenugreek water and eat fenugreek sprouts.

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