Have smb experience?

Hi, for I start I want to apologize, because my english is not good :( I´m on raw about a year and I need your advice. Before three months I was very skinny, I had about 3 percent of fat, but I felt great. My parents hated that. I was on low fat diet, eating a lot of veggies, I love it. But I have to gain some weight so I started to eat a lot of fats (avocados 2 per day, lot of nuts, oils) I gained a weight but for one month I was tottaly depressed. It was awfull!!! My parents was satisfied to see me more thicker, but I had a lot of problems!! Now I am again on low fat diet, eating lot of fresh food and fruit, but I have very big bumb nearly my parotid gland, and nobody know what does it mean. I have been visited lot of doctors, they said me that it is probably mumps, but it wasn´t. This started after my fatty diet !!! Have someone experience with this? This bumbs I have for 2 month and I don´t know what to do! Thanks


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