The unavoidable trend

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Teenage smoking , the upcoming trend is my topic for discussion at this point. I used the word the upcoming trend, by really meaning the same.

Teenagers are the main contributors to the tobacco industry these days. Even from the very small age they are ready to experiment the pleasure of smoking without any hesitation. It has become as an unavoidable thing, once when they reach at their teenage.

It the parents who can identify the changes in their children’s at any stages easily and quickly. If ay doubt comes at any point they can and recheck their children or children’s. They can check for the physical symptoms of smoking, like whether their children’s teeth has become yellowish color, or by using the sense of smelling.

Mom’s who normally wash the clothes of their children can make a check in their pockets to see whether something like an empty cigarette packet or cigarette butt have left in it. They can also make an enquiry in their personal bedroom, in the care they use or outside the window of his or her bedroom.

The best method is to have a direct and calm approach towards these issues, as the children’s may provide give more honest and straight answer. It may give them too a sense of care, as they are able to disclose directly about the mistake they are in. So moms and dad, just try out this way, before going in for any other secret information.


  • i was one of those kids, all my friends were smoking and eventually the habit rolled on to me and i started smoking probably at 13 now 23 and have gave it up minus the odd cheeky smoke or cigar when im having a drink which isnt often due to my training.

    the way i look at is you need to educate your children but again most kids these days know smoking is harmful and do it anyway, teenagers will usually always experiment.

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