Living Raw in Costa Rica


I have been living in the South Pacific of Costa Rica for 5 years. I have been able to take raw foods to another level with fresh organic greens (including jungle greens) and incredible exotic fruits. Eric Rivkin, my mentor, a very famous raw foods chef also lives here in this part of Costa Rica, in between Dominical and San Isidro. I really love how raw foods make me feel so as my mantra is "the healing Journey" I have been preparing delicious healing raw foods for all the guests who arrive to my nature reserve and raw foods retreat.

I have built a raw foods retreat called Cascadas Farallas - Waterfall Villas that is only 5 minutes drive from the beach at Dominical, This property is in the Baru rainforest, and is very lush with its own private waterfalls right next to the villas.

There are challenges here for raw foodists in Costa Rica, such as there is no agave in the entire country, Maple syrup costs the same as gold, and there are almost no places for raw foodies to eat except fruit stands and a few retreats. But that is exactly why I have started my retreat, so that more raw foodists can enjoy an incredible holiday, and do it raw with all that this abundant country has to offer in fresh veggies and fruits. I also have special detox programs and a Spa for those who are trying to move into a higher level of raw in their nutrition.

At the Waterfall Villas we do Kundalini Yoga and meditation on the top of the waterfalls everyday as giant blue butterflies fly around us and we enjoy the nature everywhere!

Love & light, RawChefCostaRica

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