Whole wheatgrass & Running

I had horrible asthma as a child and an early heart attack as an adult. I am 58 years old. I weigh 155lbs. I didn’t always weigh 155, at my heaviest I was 210Ibs and I felt it! I started eating healthy and taking wheatgrass to supplement my diet, I didn’t want to have another heart attack and my cholesterol was very high, I knew I needed to do something but I had no energy to do it. That is when I discovered wheatgrass. It gave me the energy to change my life. Now I run at least six miles a day, not all at once! I always take wheatgrass before I run, wholewheatgrass. It gives me the endurance and energy I need to run. I eat organic foods. But it is not always enough, so I supplement my diet with wheatgrass.

To learn more about me and my journey please visit http://www.wholewheatgrass.com.

Wheatgrass saved my life!!

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