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Ok I've been raw vegan for a year now and I haven't had my period in months. And the very few times I've had it it's so light that I don't even need a pad for the flow. Is this normal? And my period was fine before I was raw vegan it's now that- I don't know, it's just really light that I don't even know if I can count it as my period. And just to clarify: I'm not pregnant. I'm not even sexually active yet. So should I go to a doctor?



  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie
    edited June 12

    id go back to eating a wider range of foods for abit if i was you, theres been raw but theres being healthy.

    its obvious your lacking in some nutrient, hows your iodine intake do you eat any seaweeds?, the raw diet can be very deficient in several essential nutrients if you dont watch.


  • Oh my god! The exact same thing is happening to me!! I'm so scared because what if I'm not fertile anymore, i mean I'm not even sexually active and how do you know if you're ovulating?

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie
    edited June 12

    i dont believe that article above at all crazy radicalness if you ask me, in fairness she did warn at the start of the article.

    this is similar to what happens to anorexic girls from under nourishment. im still not sure how healthy raw is long term especially if your not including a massive variety of foods such as seaweeds or you'll have pretty much 0 iodine intake.


  • I got my period back after a year and a half ,yes I know its very long ago. I got it back but it only lasted about a day. Usually when I had my normal period before raw, It would last like 4 days. Im guessing I got my periode back due to eating cooked quinoa a few times. It might of helped me. Mabey you should be 100% raw yet , Eat some cooked whole foods that are healthy and still add in fresh raw fruit and veggies. See what happens .

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie
    edited June 12

    it could be a number of things such as low fat for hormone production, vitamin d deficiency, iodine and so on.

    but its likely that your body is shutting down in similar ways to anorexic woman just on a slightly less intense level.

    something to watch, id rather see people healthy than raw if this is what its doing to them.

    whats your protein intake like sweet?


  • I have to agree about rather seeing people healthy, Yes I do believe 100% raw is ideal but I also believe because of how altered our fruit and veg is and how our bodies have adapted to suit this, I think some people's body can not revert back on 100% Raw and will struggle. I have no scientific evidence to back this up, just what I have seen.

    My periods are a lot lighter and far less painful but I wouldnt wish it away, I happily eat cooked quiona, some steamed veg and the occasional tofu because my body rejects a lot of greens and if I tried to purge myself I would become unhealthy.

    Maybe it is is possible that we aren't meant to bleed, I certainly dont believe it should be as hard and heavy as omnivores have and definitly not such emotional mood swings but I do believe there is a coincidence between anorexic girls and this.

    I read people who go 100% raw and drop to 7 stone, I'm 8 stone now and 5 foot something, Im skinny now, if I dropped that low I would seriously worry about myself - if you dont mind me asking how much do you weigh?

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Here were my comments on another "women's only" thread:

    "It's typical for women on high fruit, low fat to have very light periods or none at all.

    ajchanter, I'm in the same boat...I no longer bleed. For a few days every month I feel a slight sensation in my lower abdomen (not painful at all) and my discharge is thicker. TMI, I know. ;)

    I used to have absolutely horrible menstrual cramps and heavy flows. The worst was the pain in my lower back...so glad that's gone!


    And again here:

    "Personally, I believe that women are not supposed to bleed (or should bleed very little). Humans and domesticated wolves are the only animals that regularly bleed. I believe this blood loss is due to our over processed diets and sedentary (yet over stimulating lifestyles).

    A great book on menstruation is The Physiological Enigma of Woman by Raymonnd Bernard


    And one more:

    "First, I want to say that light blood flow is not always a sign of anemia. I was anemic for years and yet my flows were always extremely heavy and painful.

    Second, a woman's period can end for many reasons, good and bad. For me, I know that when I eat correctly, exercise, and take overall good care of myself, I do not bleed or experience any pain during that time of the month. It is only when I, say, eat cooked foods, that it all comes "flooding" back...sorry, I couldn't resist. ;)

    I believe the last time I bled was 5 or 6 months ago.


    It has now been about a year and a half since I had my last period.

    You can find the rest of the thread here:




  • Wow, people are really swayed by the unhealthy average American and what constitutes "normal" and what is "radical." LOL

  • my periods get HEAVIER when I eat healthy and exercise more, etc...

    I'm ass backwards though. My body always does opposite of what most peoples' does, haha.

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie
    edited June 12

    Not really just that it isnt healthy nor normal textbook stuff for your cycles to stop for no reason.

    Trying to convince yourself what your doing is right, is another thing.


  • do you have evidence from some source that it's Healthy to have a cycle? how do you explain that in non-westernized cultures cycles are unheard of in certain places? obviously what you deem as "healthy" is based on your upbringing and culture.

  • I wouldn't expect a supplement dealer to understand, though.

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    im just referring to medical science literature, i supose anorexics who cycles stop are ok also if they convince themselves long enough what there doing is a healthy act.

    lol no need to get personal simply because you dont understand. What does it have to do with me selling supplements, peoples cycles stopping on raw nothing. Strange guy.

  • hi guys, thanks for the comment. Also (maybe something I should have added) is that I have been recently to the doctor and have taken many blood tests (just to make sure I'm not lacking severely in anything) and the tests have come back all normal. The doctors said I was in optimal health. I do still ovulate and you can tell from cramps, cervical mucus, etc. I eat a high fruit diet with lots of salads and definitely have some fats..lol. trying to diminish actually and I'm a normal weight actually. Not very skinny, little bit curvy. I'm just wondering if it's also been happening to other girls too. Anyone?

  • Yes, it has happened to other people. :) I'm sure they'll post or try other raw boards that are more geared towards a lower-fat, fresher diet.

  • Good job on your diet, sounds like you're doing awesome!!

  • I suppose in the end you can't compare what one persons body does to another. You can look at it this way; Anorexic girls usually don't have spots..neither do raw foodists - ok bad example I know, but Im trying to put another perspective.

    I think a person can tell if they're body is failing them or if they're seriously unhealthy but I guess all said and done..whether we bleed or not...a diet high in fruit, veg and nuts is far better than a S.A.D diet - whatever our time of the month is like then or now.

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie
    edited June 12

    im not so sure i mean eating lots of fruit and veg is brilliant, but if your missing that one critial essential nutrient that makes the difference then it may not be healthier in the long run.

    in the UK the blood tests they give out are pretty poor and minus anemia, blood cell count etc they dont specifically look for any of the vitamins, only calcium/sodium levels.

    the only reason i reffered to the anorexia as in this case its likely malnourishment of some kind also, being that eating quiona brought it back, although everyones different.

    stay healthy:) and dont forget seaweeds you have no iodine source minus strawberrys otherwise.


  • All foods have some amount of iodine. It's just that strawberries have more than others.

    Quinoa and other grains also bring about inflammation and dehydration. Let's speculate that "it's likely" (LOL) that the inflammation caused the period.

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie
    edited June 12

    ok amounts of iodine that would serve to suffice the cringe worthy RDA.

    i just said it would seem likely if all it took was eating quiona to restart the period it would likely be down to malnutrition without getting silly again.


  • yeah, the RDAs are way inflated for malabsorption that cooked food and junk food eaters have.

  • okay quinoa is a healthy food that can be replace to rice. Asians don't know this but it is better to eat quinoa than eating white rice 3 times a day. Another one that can help you to your mentrual cycle is to take maca. This raw food offers women the chance or a natural hormonal rejuvenation. You can find that with hidalgofoods.com where i used to read articles about this kind of food

  • "Asians don't know this" that's one of the most bigoted, rude generalizations I've ever read online. Please remove that comment.

  • "Asians don't know this" that's one of the most bigoted, rude generalizations I've ever read online. Please remove that comment.

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie
    edited June 12

    "yeah, the RDAs are way inflated for malabsorption that cooked food and junk food eaters have"

    malabsorption lol im not sure where your getting that from unless you have some digestive disorder most dont suffer from malabsorption.


  • I really don't know where on earth you get your info from, Powerlifter. but your link keeps showing up every time you post!

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    i base my knowledge on sound medical literature rather than made up bogus.

    can you show me anything that links to the RDAs creation because SAD eaters all suffer from malaborption haha.

  • Wow, you're great at twisting words, I didn't say RDAs were created because SAD eaters suffer from malabsorption. I said the numbers were inflated because cooked food and junk food eaters suffer from malabsorption. If you read "sound medical science" the same way you read my posts, I'm pretty sure you don't understand three quarters of what you read, and you're just as good at twisting the "science" to try to make it sound like what you want it to be.

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    im not twisting anything you said the RDA is inflated for the reason that SAD eaters suffer from malabsorption.

    any proof that basically 90% or a large part of the population suffer from malabsorption disorders? due to eating meat lol.

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