1 Day Raw Food Retreat in a Beautiful Spa Setting in Bristol, 14th August 2010 10am to 9pm

- Do you need some quality time for yourself?

- Do you want to feel connected and and at peace in yourself?

- Are you curious to find out more about raw food?

- Are you looking for a fresh, positive and inspiring experience?

If you're answer is 'yes' and you're longing for some special you-time, then this wonderful 1 day retreat is just what you need: a day of raw food meals, meditation, body*mind*spirit teaching and spa pampering.

How many times do you dream of giving yourself a gift like this? A day among like-minded souls with everything you need to feel whole and connected?

You've been guided to this post so that you can choose to make this dream a reality for yourself, among friends.

This raw food retreat focuses on allowing you the physical and emotional space to be who you truly are, with all your fears, hopes and desires for the future, without fear of judgement.

Bristol's Relaxation Centre, with it's garden spa facilities, provides a beautiful safe space for you to relax and feel pampered, while you are inspired and motivated by Saskia's teachings and delicious raw food.

For more information visit http://www.rawfreedom.co.uk/#/raw-food-retreats/4542278896

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