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The longtime fans of the teen soap drama People, One Tree Hill, found the fifth season of the show shock, given the jump in time from the previous season, and the great changes that have occurred with the characters off the screen. But these are the same dramatic changes they have experienced, which longtime fans draw near and keep their interests in a long time, because the changes were all logical and makes much sense in spite of being surprising. As a return to the fourth season opener at the final stage of their life in high school, One Tree Hill’sfifth Opening 4 years after graduation from high school. Lucas Scott is now coach of the Ravens basketball team and is assisted by the skills. Lucas has a new girlfriend in the form of new character of Lindsey Strauss (played by Michaela McManus), who is his book publisher. Meanwhile, Nathan and Haley are now raising their son (played by Jackson Brundage) in Tree Hill Jamie, but had difficulties because of an accident that left Nathan almost paralyzed and unable to play basketball. This led to sink into depression and alcoholism Nathan, and introduces many problems for the family. Brooke is the only player who probably came from the fourth season with more luck, now owns a clothing line and clothing store famous. The fifthseasonis still ongoing and has recently been affected by the writers strike in Hollywood, but he argued that the show will reach its final season as scheduled in May 19.2008. A sixth season is also in the works as well.


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