Spam & advertising

Is it possible to remove the spam and other advertise messages in the forum (and delete/ipblock the corresponding account) it is starting to irritate me and pollutes the forum discussions?

Web site or links with useful information about raw-vegan lifestyle oke but patio umbrellas how can you eat those things raw?


  • It has been VERY annoying lately! WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO FLAG SPAMMERS! I don't mind when people shamelessly self promote.... but the spam on here is neither raw nor vegan nor pertinent to anything we discuss.

  • Completely agree. As the site grows, spamming is getting extremely out of hand. We are working on a solution like a way for members to be able to flag spammers.

  • There is no-one more annoyed by this than us, trust me. We have to delete every one of them by hand, and not only is it very time consuming, but it's imperfect, and some spam still makes it through.

    We are considering requiring something like Facebook membership. That would mean that if you're signed in to Facebook, you can visit Gone Raw and just be logged in. You can even connect it to your existing account.

    However, I'm not sure how many members would be comfortable with that. We're open to other ideas as well.

    What do you all think?

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