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I weigh 228 rite now and I am considering joining the navy and I have to be 163. I need to lose this in about size months and at least get to 175. I also want to get more energy so I can run ect. Is this possible with a raw vegan diet and how do I go about losing the weight. What to eat n stuff


  • @Yummy, check out Brendan Brazier's book, "Thrive." He was a professional Ironman competitor for years on a strictly vegan, primarily raw diet. He has a new book out now, "Thrive Fitness," which goes into more detail about incorporating a vegan/raw diet into a training regimen, ie, what to eat beforehand, afterward, etc. He writes well and makes a good case for the vegan/raw lifestyle. I did notice that his recipes are designed for someone who is handy around the kitchen...he doesn't do a lot of hand holding in that regard, but they have proved to be reliably tasty and nutritious. You could mosey over to a book store and compare the two. Good luck to you.

  • Fuck the navy! Why do you want to be a trained killer and someone else's property?

  • Yummy - I'm in the Navy, and if you're on a ship or a submarine you will not be able to be raw while you're are underway. There is simply not that much fresh food on board. However, you can be 100% vegan fairly easily.

    You can still lose weight as a cooked vegan, you just have to do it a certain way. I recommend reading 80/10/10 by Douglas Graham. Its a good book and you could follow the paradigm cooked or raw. When you're on land, you could focus more on eating raw.

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