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Shitting Tips

Helping you to live a healthy and abundant life!

By Chef Skai

1. Make sure you are shitting a minimum of two times a day. You should actually crap for every meal you eat. Most people are not even eliminating daily. Huge red flag!

2. Don’t push it out, let it fall! If you have to push you are constipated. Your stool should glide out of your body will little to no effort at all. Be in and out of the bathroom in minutes.

3. Place a small stool in front of the toilet and place legs up on it to achieve a natural squatting position. This aids in a complete evacuation.

4. Try using Casara Sagrada herb to help tone the colon walls. Other herbs and concoctions make the stool loose and soon you will become dependent on them. Cascara helps to strengthen the peristalsis action of the colon.

5. Eat bananas every day. And really monitor the flour products and other denatured and processed foods. Interchange the word monitor for eliminate, for real!

6. Shitting is important so take it seriously! Shit happily and never miss the opportunity to take a good shit…wherever you are. If you are embarrassed by the smell at work carry some essential oils and spray afterwards.

7. Detox at least 4 times a year. Total clean outs are really important to maintain an optimally healthy system. Don’t get colonics unless you are not moving at all. Consider them for emergencies only. Detox with fruit and fasting.

8. Look at it. Know what is coming out of your body. It should always float. And you should not be able to recognize any food in your stool like corn or raisins. If you do you know that you are not chewing your food properly and you are wasting good food literally down the toilet.

9. If you experience problems with shitting consider this a major problem and handle it quickly. Autointoxication will take root in your system which leads to all sorts of ailments….namely cancer.

10. Exercise is also important for proper elimination. Try using techniques like squatting, twisting your core and my friend, Kitty, recommends the Crane Exercise by Dr Stephen Chang: Take your hands and rub them together vigorously for about 15 seconds. This will create a lot of kinetic energy in the form of heat. Next take one of your hands and put it directly on your belly button. After that, start to run in small clockwise circles over your belly button. Keep the circles small but slowly make them larger and larger. Rub at a pace of 1 circle per second. Not too fast and not too slow. After about 20-30 seconds, stop. Rest your hands for 30 seconds before you repeat the rubbing of your hands to create the heat. Start with large circles and go in the other direction, counter clockwise, this time with wide circles, slowly getting smaller and smaller until you are making small circles around your belly button again. Reverse and repeat this belly rubbing for a few minutes. Do this in the morning and evenings.



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