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Search problem

edited April 2014 in Gone Raw

In case the site owners were not aware, the search function on this site has been broken for a while now; searching for any term in the search box leads to the error message, "The Apache Solr search engine is not available. Please contact your site administrator."


  • I second this. It has been driving me crazy. Please fix it!!

  • Please fix this - there's no time to go through each recipe when you're looking for something specific. Thanks!

  • Please could you let us know when the search engine might be fixed. It's one of the best features of your site, and no doubt the one that brings or can bring you most ad hit revenue.

  • Please fix this...

  • is there anyone to email about this problem? There's no contact details that I can find on the site. The search function is what made this site so great. It's impossible to find stuff without it.

  • Having the tag list is a bit helpful


  • "No results found" for ages now, it has me coming back to this site less and less. There must be a way to contact SOMEONE to fix this. I lose a lot of respect for a site that isn't amenable to having their customers contact them, it's just wrong.

  • Wah! I NEED the search engine! :)

  • 'The Apache Solr search engine is not available. Please contact your site administrator.' Come on - somebody help!!!!

  • Can not search either. Will this be fixed? I send a lot of my patients/students to this site in for ideas/recipes/support on raw lifestyle/ cleansing/ and inspiration for creativity. When do you think this will be fixed? Thank you!

  • The search function has not been working for a very long time. Apparently this site is not monitored by any administrator ... sure wish there was a way to contact someone about it. Sad, since this used to be the number one place to search for raw recipes. I used to monitor this site almost daily and sent my students here as well. There are a lot of great recipes and discussions here, but finding them can be a pain.

  • I contacted Ray the old admin. he said he would pass it on to who is now supposed to be working on it. hopefully it will get fixed soon

  • also sometimes when you try to do a search and it doesnt work, then select "content" and I usually get something to come up. And most times it brings up the advanced search so say you want to look up corn

    type corn hit search

    then hit content

    then there should be choices below for if you want to look for a recipe or info in a forum chat.

    select your choice and hit advanced search

    Hope that helps someone.

  • Hey guys, there is an ad hoc solution to this problem since it seems a resolution is not forthcoming.

    You can search Gone Raw from within Google.

    At the Google prompt type your search query and then 'site: goneraw.com'

    For example

    goji berries site: goneraw.com

    would search the site for the words goji and berries.

    "goji berries" site: goneraw.com

    would search the site for the phrase "goji berries".

    Hope this helps, you know in some ways it's a better search than the site's broken search function, since the search on this site is actually kind of terrible.

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