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Soo, sadly I have noticed sometime in the past few weeks the site broke even more and now the ingredients are not being displayed in (some/all?) recipes.

Given that the search has been broken for a while and it appears that site admins are not paying close attention at this point, I imagine many are frustrated. I know I have been! I have a solution that will help in many cases, though.

The WayBack Machine is a project of the Internet Archive that crawls the web, indexing and archiving versions of webpages as they appeared on the date of archive. You can use this tool to find archived versions of the recipes you want to see, as long as you have the URL for the recipe (which you might have bookmarked, for example).

This is what you can do:

Open the recipe in your browser.

Copy the URL or the link for the recipe from the toolbar at the top of your browser.

Paste it in the text box here:

If the site has been archived you will see a multi-calendar display for a given year. That means sometime, that year, that page was archived. Scan down the page, you should see some dates are bold with blue circles around them. You can click on any of those dates and see the recipe as it was before.

This has worked for all but one recipe I've tried to load so far - some recipes have never been archived, while others have multiple copies.

Hope this helps :)


  • Thanks for posting this. The Archive is a wonderful resource.

    None of my favorite recipes are loading here are Please, please, site administrators, fix it!

  • This site is so broken, I rarely use it anymore. It's very sad, I used to use it 3-4 times a day. It appears the admins don't care and just keep it up for the income from all the annoying ads (like that one below with the arrow). I miss it. RIP, Gone Raw, you were a good resource for a long time.

  • They appear to have fixed it! So happy to have my recipes back!

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