Barely used Travel Size home colonic unit for sale

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Hi- If you're on the go and traveling a lot and not near a colon hydrotherapist- this unit is perfect for you! It includes two sets of hoses so you and your partner can do colonics wherever you are with properly filtered water. Gil Jacobs who is a colon hydrotherapy guru first told me about this unit:

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Works with almost all faucets and comes in orange lightweight travel bag so you can carry with you. The water pressure or lack thereof in my prior apt building made it difficult for me to use when I first purchased this unit so I opted to continue going to colonic therapist instead and/or enemas instead in between visits.

So all thats missing from the original kit is the lubricant gel that I used up when I did home enemas. The hoses and speculum are completely replaceable and extremely affordable as well. One of the two hoses included I didn't even use. I am asking $300 or best offer.

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