Raw spanish peanuts

Has anyone tried them? I had a bag of them from my work [natural foods store] and so i thought to myself, hey! I could make raw peanut butter! mmmm…

well, sadly.. it was DISGUSTING. raw spanish peanuts are HORRIBLY gag-worthy. It’s a weird inexplainable taste.. i have no idea how to describe it. I tried adding a little flax oil.. still gross. Then i tried to add a little agave.. STILL gross. There was nothing that was going to cover up that horrid taste. I ended up tossing the jar i had filled. :( I didn’t want to have to add numerous tablespoons of random ingredients to make it palatable. Anyway, I’m not sure what people use them for.. but i know mine weren’t rancid because they were fresh from the most recent order we placed.

Any replies greatly appreciated..


  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    I grew up in the south—peanut country!.We never ate them raw because they were so horrible tasting. I always wondered when I was young about the old JIF commercials “Tastes like fresh peanuts”-Yuck! Then it became “Tastes like fresh roasted peanuts” Unfortunately they only taste good boiled or roasted Since these are out of the shell, they are probably meant to be freshly raasted.

  • agh! thanks very much. I officially give up on peanuts.

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    I guess it all the depends on the persons taste preference. I liked raw peanuts with agave :)

  • I like the taste of raw peanuts and get huge cravings for them sometimes- several times a year. You could try soaking them rinsing them a few times over a couple days and then adding spices and dehydrating them.

    Medicinal Uses Before 500 BCE peanuts had been brought to Mexico. There the Aztecs cultivated peanuts as a medicine. From the Log of Christopher Columbus translated by Robert H. Fuson, Friar Bernardino de Sahagun describes the Aztec marketplace medicine seller who was considered a “knower of herbs, a knower of roots, a physician.” The Aztecs used ground peanuts mixed with water to cure fever.

    Historians have noted that the Aztecs were applying peanut paste to soothe aching gums about 1500 CE.

    One quarter cup provides 22 % daily value of folate, 16 % vitamin E, 15% B1, and 22% Niacin.

    Issues occur with contamination if not stored or dried correctly. In recent years, people have expressed concern about aflatoxin contamination in peanuts and peanut butter. Two known strains of fungi, Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus, produce aflatoxins, toxic and carcinogenic compounds, found in peanuts and peanut products. Invisible to the naked eye, the mold is linked to cancer in laboratory animals but has not been known to affect humans. Other foods affected by aflatoxins are milk and dairy products, dried figs and fig products, and corn and corn products.

  • I’ve used them in place of other nuts for raw recipes. I find they had a mild taste, and tasted nothing at all like peanuts, but that’s just me.

  • Hmm.. they definitely did not taste like peanuts. The soaking idea sounds like it may have worked… maybe. maybe. I’m not willing to give them another chance though.

    Thanks writeeternity for all the info!!

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