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Hello! About four years ago I abruptly and incorrectly switched to raw foods, I started right away with fruits. Constantly ate apples and bananas in large quantities, in my opinion, sometimes even mixed with nuts. And so a few days later, gas formation began. It was already constant, after each meal for about three months, I kept waiting for the microflora to change, but this did not happen. I began to eat more vegetables, seven days in a row I did enemas with wormwood to destroy pathogenic flora, this also did not help. So I lived for about six months, then returned to normal diet, but not eating red meat and milk. I ate only boiled chicken breast, steamed fish, fried did not eat anything. And I also continued to use various sweet fruits, without realizing that they contain a lot of sugar, cooked homemade yogurt, drank probiotics, this did not help me (maybe because of the lack of a specific diet), then I abandoned it. I ate like this for about three years, and every day I was haunted by this terrible flatulence, it started from almost any food, I even tried to eat just a steamed piece of chicken breast or steamed fish without anything, and the rumbling began, followed by flatulence. I took antiparasitic herbs, often drank castor oil, spent one week purely on vegetables, drank brandy with castor oil, also from parasites, often took wormwood courses. This summer, seven times in a row did an enema with a wormwood before bedtime. In early September, I switched to veganism, read on one site, that the guy was helped in this problem by a master cleanse diet that lasts 10 days. In the evening, you should drink laxative tea, and in the morning drink a liter of salt water, which acts as a laxative, and drink 6-8 glasses of water with lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup during the day. More can not eat anything. The guy did the diet for 5 days - and that was all decided, and I went through the full course. After that, the gases remained, but they became a little smaller, and they became completely odorless. This state lasted for 8-10 days, and everything returned to the former. A month later, I spent this detox again, only 8 days, it helped me a little again, but then everything returned again. Now I completely excluded the fruit, suspecting that I have candidiasis, and because of him I have this problem, I eat only buckwheat porridge on water, sometimes green buckwheat, steamed broccoli every day, spinach, spirulina. I make a smoothie with flax, celery and cucumber. I drink probiotics from the site. I don’t use sugar at all. Already a week I eat candida support supplements, I eat onions, garlic, cloves, wormwood, turmeric, propolis, oregano, black cumin. Where, of course, less, but they are, and sometimes with a very unpleasant smell, even on such a diet is fermented. Guys, help out, maybe someone will tell. Every day for four years I suffer this problem, it is impossible to live, constantly weakness, bad mood, especially if gases appear every minute, and this happens very often. It feels like I lost four years of life because they were not filled with joy, and every day I only thought about how to get rid of it. My dreams and life are crumbling, to be honest, sometimes hope is lost and I want to die. Of the symptoms I have only gas, rumbling after eating, which is not audible at all, and which often happens in the area of ​​the cecum. Constipation / diarrhea, pain and bloating has never happened. Usually, with dysbacteriosis, everyone has an abdominal distension and problems with the stool. Also, during the day, the lips whiten a little, before, they even collected a small amount of plaque, there is a white coating on the tongue, not too much. Before raw food diet with digestion everything was just fine, I ate at least something.



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    What about building up healthy flora, with the probiotics in foods like kombucha, sauerkraut, kimchi, even pickles have some. It's not all raw, obviously, but there are options and it may be worth it to get your body back in balance. Once you have the right balance of healthy bacteria, it can last for years. 

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