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Hi there!

I am in the process of assembling my menu for long-distance back-packing. I would welcome some suggestions.

My criteria is light-weight, low-sugar, and basically non-perishable for long-distance.

High calorie content is also good.


Here are some of my current thoughts...

Raw SeaWeed Crunchies

Fruit Leathers

I know there is a Justin's packaged almond butter out there.

There are some good organic packaged baby food ... though not raw

Raw sweet bread

Trail mix

Miso packets

store raw bars ... Lara Bar's ... etc... 

Truffles ... 




  • Angie2Angie2 Raw Jr. Leader

    I'm sad to see that you didn't get answers. Did you get things figured out? I have a few ideas if you still need them.

    Energy Healer
  • Energy HealerEnergy Healer Raw Jr. Leader

    Thank you Angie2 ... still contemplating ... so any suggestions would be awesome! 

  • Angie2Angie2 Raw Jr. Leader

    Weight-wise, fat has more calories than the same weight of either carbs or protein. Of course we need them all, but I make sure to take nuts, nut butters, and even little squeeze pouches of coconut oil in my pack. I take lots of Larabars (purchased or homemade versions) because dates are a good source of potassium, which you definitely need more of when exercising that much. There's also a raw seaweed roll (filled with a sunflower seed filling and dehydrated) that I like for hiking - good for protein and minerals - but I don't remember the name of it right now. I also take extra salt and either add it to my water bottle or just lick it out of my hand. Since fresh food isn't accessible unless you forage for it, I like to take a green powder of some sort, and some acerola cherry powder or camu camu powder for vitamin C.

  • Angie2Angie2 Raw Jr. Leader

    Raw crackers are good, too; you could make a few flavors to have some variety.

  • Energy HealerEnergy Healer Raw Jr. Leader

    This all sounds great. I like those instant packets of miso in the morning... so enough salt there. but could add some raw sesame seed oil to the miso ... I also like yerba mate in the morning for endurance... then eat around 11 or so. Maybe something made with Spirulina for green powder... Raw crackers ... yummm ... Maybe pack some baggies with kraut... don't think that really matters if that heats up ... ??


    Wonder if there is a book on the topic. The older book that I had was more for camping and not ultralight ... 

    Of course I can get those BackPacker Pantries ... and not opposed ... but If I can find a good way to say on my eating practice.... that is fabulous .... 

    Have you been out on the trail raw? This would make a great topic for a book ....

  • Angie2Angie2 Raw Jr. Leader

    I have only done up to 3 or 4 days at a time, so not a major distance, and it's been a long time since then. Raw kraut might be okay for a couple of days, but I wouldn't push it. Raw kraut is only shelf-stable if it was fermented a long time and is still in its crock with everything still submerged below the brine. The "Raw Family" book (by Victoria Boutenko) mentions their hike up the Pacific Crest Trail, which is 2,600 miles if I remember correctly. They had food/supply pick-up stops at various towns along the way, and they bought fresh stuff to eat that day when they would go into a town. It's been a long time since I read the book, but the things I remember them mentioning were dates, oats, and foraging for greens. 

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