Hi everyone.I am new to this website and I have parasites inside my whole body.I flushed four big tapeworms and other types with enemas and changed my diet but I don't know how to get them uot of my feet and face including my eyes and my tongue does anyone have any ideas?



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    Have you included papaya, pumpkin seeds, garlic, and hot peppers in your diet? All have various parasite-fighting abilities. 

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    Blessings ... Renew Life has a parasite cleanse. You may purchase at WF's, online or Amazon. I had picked up parasite in my feet gardening. When I would do Ionic footbaths ... they would come out in threads. Generally Cleanses seem to for the most part only address in colon...

    I mega dosed garlic. There is nothing garlic can't kill... I probably ate @ 10 raw cloves a day in guac. for weeks. You can also probably get in supplement form. Do both.

    Also important to remove the dead debris from  your system. This is what makes you feel bad and have flu-like symptoms. I use spirulina to cleanse the system ... might be good to also do liver cleanse at the same time... 

    Our stomach lining is made from the same tissue as our brains. When parasites are hungry, we think we are hungry. Everyone should do cleanse twice a year. It will kill your cravings for fatty, yeasty, sugary, fried foods and alcohol.

    It is also good to get an energy clearing, as parasites on the physical level are often a manifestation from the energetic levels.

    I like this site


    Brightest Blessings,

    xoxo Antonia

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