Do you still eat cooked food?

daneodaneo Raw Newbie

Hi,  I have been vegan for years. Recently I have been fully raw for about a month now. I feel amazing. But was just wondering if any people ever still have cooked food? As I find myself craving some steamed sweet potatoe etc

Anyone have experience in being mostly raw but being able to also eat heated food on occasion?





  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    I do have a little cooked food now and then. Usually, it's something simple like steamed broccoli or toasted almonds.  

  • TyguyTyguy Raw Newbie

    So far on my journey I have noticed a true satisfied “full feeling” from eating raw foods. When I do eat cooked foods recently I just feel physically stuffed, but left nutritiously hungry.

    Quiet the mind listen to the body maybe?

    potato pototoe, all is good. I am a rice & bean aficionado myself. Primarily raw, but if I eat cooked food then I ate cooked food and that’s that. Raw makes me feel the best and I know that for certain.

    Life is too important to be taken seriously.

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