I wonder if I can find anybody here who is interested in astrology and horoscopes?

I've always had a smile on my face I did read my horoscope but now I got more interested! I'd love to learn more about it as it has such a long history and I think there is a lot in the background that I don't now!!

Does anybody has some good sources to start with?

Thanks already and I'm curious to hear more from you and what you are thinking!



  • raphaelaraphaela Raw Newbie

    Hi Julia,

    astrology is very interesting indeed! I'm interested in astrology since I was a teenager! You can find lot's of pretty good sources but it depends on how much you already now! It seems that you already know about the history of astrology, if not you can have a look at There you are also going to find some links and it is pretty basic knowledge! Further I really like the descriptions and the information on I hope this already helps you a little bit :)


  • Energy HealerEnergy Healer Raw Jr. Leader

    This astrological coach is fabulous! I have taken some of her classes and had a great session with her. Gina brought so much understanding and healing to my daughter who was unable to focus and understand why she could not get a job in her chosen profession.

    When we are going through a very transformative time it is helpful to understand the energetic influences around us. It brings a lot of validation and healing. I write her coaching off as a business consultation... lol

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