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Phlegm/mucus reaction after eating fruit or salad

shimmyshunashimmyshuna Raw Newbie

Hello. First post here. My name's Jesse, and I've been trying fruitarianism for a bit over a month now. I was wondering if anyone would know the answer to a question: Recently after I eat, my body seems to produce a lot of phlegm, I'll be hacking it up and coughing for a while after I eat and it even makes it slightly hard to breathe. I've mostly been eating salad with avocado and hot peppers in it, and also bananas, and cantaloupe. I know avocados are somewhat mucus forming and that hot peppers cause a mucus reaction so the body can protect itself. What I don't get is why bananas cause an even worse reaction, and also other fruit to a lesser degree. I'm also not going to the bathroom that often, usually once or twice every other day. I was also thinking of trying Dr. Morse's herbs to help as it seems my digestion is impaired... Anyways if anyone wants to comment feel freeee



  • Energy HealerEnergy Healer Raw Jr. Leader

    Hello there Jessee!


    Look to the principles of food combining to r & D the issue.


    Only eat fruit on an empty stomach and do not mix with anything else.

    Wait an hour after eating fruit before eating anything else.

    Wait 8 hours after eating non-fruit before eating fruit.


    Try several days of just fruit. Try several days of no fruit.

    Mucus could be natural detox ...


    For constipation ... eat no whole foods ... just live foods for several days... The Rawtarian Smoothie Cleanse sounds good.


    If there are still digestion and constipation issues, also bloating, runny stools, carving for fatty, sugary, yeasty fried things or alcohol...

    low-level fever or feeling run down ...


    Consider a parasite cleanse.

    I hope that helps ... let us know the outcome...

  • shimmyshunashimmyshuna Raw Newbie

    Hey energy. Thanks for your counsel. I was only waiting like an hour after eating non fruit to eat fruit so that could have been causing it. I'll try the 8 hours now

  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    Gargling salt water can help reduce mucus, if you can stand it. 

    Grapefruit, pineapple, ginger, and lemon are all supposed to help reduce it too (and taste better). 


  • zirrrzirrr Raw Newbie

    Hi !

    I've heard that our bodies contain too much mucus, and when detoxing a lot of that mucus will leave our bodies.



  • TammiTrueTammiTrue Raw Master

    Hi Jesse. How are you feeling? Any improvements?

  • shimmyshunashimmyshuna Raw Newbie

    Not sure when I posed this as there is no date lol. I'm doing better sort of, still detoxing I guess. After I eat a large salad with avocado in it my liver gets kind of hot for a while and I have to sit/lay down for a couple hours. I can see my tongue coating changing though, it's becoming clearer with patches of normal and what coating is there is pale white. A year and a half ago it would turn dark yellow with red bumps (signifying heat I think). 

    Anyways, I came back here to ask pretty much the same question I did initially, I tend to want a salad in the evening, and it makes me really thirsty afterwards, but if I have an orange or some coconut water I always get acid reflux or fermentation or something. Guess I just gotta learn this lesson, or juice my greens, or eat less avocado.......... ugh..

    Thanks for all the old replies. Lol

  • LifetronLifetron Raw Newbie

    My instincts tell me that you should first cut out bananas for awhile. If that doesn't work cut out the avocados temporarily. 

  • Nutriveggie101Nutriveggie101 Raw Jr. Superstar



    Just to add my view. 


    Phlegm is always a immune response,the body trying protect an area from free radicals or remove a unwanted toxin.dairy is a great example,two weeks dairy free and then have a dairy based meal,you'll see a huge immune phlegm response in the form of a running nose.

    When you listed hot peppers,this was interesting, peppers are high in lectins, a group of proteins of which gluten is one, lectins without doubt can cause immune responses,this is the foundation of most autoimmune illness.

    One last thing, my main concern for fruitarians here in the UK is that,unless you are eating fruit from full chemical free soil grown orchards,then you consumption levels of glyphosate and pesticides will be crazily high and mineral levels ultra low.....glyphosate is actually a antibiotic and thus will also cause a immune response.

    I would recommend trying a keto plant based diet,focusing on chemical free(organic still use chemical) leafy greens,brocholi, carrots,coliflower and plenty healthy fats, wild salmon, avocado, butter ,Brazil nuts,you should find a difference in how you feel after meal......awesome!!





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